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APRIL 3RD 1998

Mary said:

"Today I come to you as Mother of the World. I want to tell you I am so very happy for all of your generous prayers. You have saved many children with your prayers and have averted many chastisements. But, this I tell you: there will be many more storms to ride out for you. Many weather changes.

Oh, my children, REPENT of your horrible sins before they DESTROY you! You are letting evil take over your lives. Your money has taken over your lives as your god. There are many Luciferians,--your young people worship DEMONS as gods. Why do you not take care of your families? Your children were a GIFT from God. Pray for these waylaid children, and bring them back to the Lord.

God is very hurt over all the evil; my Son's Heart is pierced by your sins; you do not value human life. Your marriages,--most have not welcomed Jesus into their marriages. Children, take your marriage to God; take your children to God; teach your children of the Love and Mercy of Jesus.

Give your lives to Jesus. Do you not know how much God LOVES you?

He gave His ONLY Son for your salvation!

Jesus gave His LIFE for your sins!

As this week approaches, go to Confession. Make your body a temple to God. Take my Son's Body, that He asked you to do in remembrance of Him. Love your Jesus and remember He was risen from the dead, and ascended to Heaven to be with His Father to make a place for YOU. Soon He will come again and you MUST be prepared for His return.

Make it known that evil will NEVER rule Jesus' Church, Jesus will not allow that to happen. When the Anti-Christ takes over Rome, Jesus and the angels will return to fight the last battle, and Jesus will reign. My Immaculate Heart WILL triumph against the demons of the netherworld, who roam your earth seeking the ruin of souls. They will all be sent to Hell and Satan will be chained. Pray MUCH, my children, PRAY, for the time is upon you!

I have asked my daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) to make a booklet of the messages I have given to her, so she may spread the word to many more people and to go where asked, to speak of her messages from me and about how she came to know my Son, Jesus. Any monies made are to be returned to my mission, to teach the world of my love, and the Love and Mercy of Jesus to all the world, to save many souls, to help the poor,--those in need of food , clothing and shelter. These will be determined by a table of people.

I also have asked for a medal to be cast of Jesus' and My Heart intertwined with the thorns, as I had shown Patricia before. I will continue to guide her in the ways of making this medal. All monies collected are only donations and no charge will be given for this, or any of my daughter's work. The donations will go for the poor.

If Jesus were to come to you hungry, cold or in need of a place to stay, would you turn HIM away?? Well the poor are just as Jesus was when He roamed the earth teaching My children of the way of salvation,--He hungered and you fed HIM.

YOU ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN. I leave you in Love and Peace.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my call."

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April 10th 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today I come to you as you remember my Son's Passion, His dying on the cross for your sins to give you eternal life with the Father.

As Jesus' mother, I do remember how he suffered from the straps that beat him, the thorns as they dug into his brow, the taunting, and name-calling. Oh, how I wanted to stop it all and hold my Son in my arms and SOOTHE His pain! But I knew it was not to be.

His life He gave for you, to save your souls from eternal damnation. Give your lives over to JESUS, my children!

Satan and his demons are now lurking throughout your lands trying to taunt you, as Jesus was taunted. He knows that his time is little in this world, and he is trying to get many to be his soldiers. I tell you this, his time is SHORT.

We WILL do battle and our children will join us in battle, and Jesus will reign over the earth. Satan will be chained in Hell for all eternity. I will crush the serpent's head.

My children, look forward to your Millennium year. Be at peace with your neighbors of all nations. Learn to love all, and to give of yourselves.

This Sunday as you celebrate Jesus' Rising from the dead, look forward to what lies ahead of you after all your battles. I ask you to take up your cross and be strong. Unite in Faith , my children. Unite in Love. Give of yourselves to save all of humanity. Let your ideations and earthly treasures be gone from you.

This summer in your land, my daughter, there will be many problems with your crops in your fields. Prepare now for this occurrence. In many lands there will be famine. Will brother help brother? This we will see.

God gives you all trials thru your lives. He wants you to show your love and know your inner self.

My children, I have told you there were to be many more storms for you. They are NOT over. Be prepared. Look to your Bible, to your Gospels, when you want to know what to do.

My children, You ask of taking my Son's Body in your hands. I tell you this, you must follow Church law. There are God's Laws, and Church law which can be changed by the Seat of Peter.

I ask you, what do you WANT to do? There HAVE been many changes. Pray, my children, for a return to your TRUE Faith. Follow your Pope.

My children, receive my Son's body NOW, while you CAN, as there will come a time when you may not be ABLE to partake of this Gift. Then you will know that my Son will soon come to earth with His heavenly angels to do the Final Battle.

Pray MUCH, my children! Do penance for your sins; offer yourselves to Jesus while there is still TIME.

Thank you, my children, for obeying and allowing my words into your hearts.

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April 17th 1998

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April 24th 1998

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April 31st 1998

Mary said:

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