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[ Aug 4 | Aug 18 2001 ]

AUGUST 04 2001

MOTHER of the WORLD Message 8-4-01

My Dear Children, today, as I your Mother of the World come to you, I come with much love from all of Heaven for all your prayers and sacrifices. Please continue to pray for peaceful negotiations in the Holy Land.

Today, I also will speak to you about your priests, My Priest Son. Give them the honor they deserve, as these priests strive daily to bring you ever closer to God. My Sons, are the persons responsible for bringing you into My Church through your first sacrament, Baptism. My Sons are also the only people who can absolve you of your sins in Confession, another sacrament. My Sons are the ones who bring Jesus to you in the sacrament of Communion. He will also Bless you into a married life or a life dedicated to God, also a sacrament. He will guide you through out your lives until you are ready to leave earth, another sacrament, that of the Annointing. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Today I wish to speak to you about your children. Teach them well of your Catholic Faith and of Scriptures. Teach them love and kindness. As with My Son, Jesus. Show your children by example, by loving each person as if they were My Son, Jesus. Teach your children how to pray, how to Thank Jesus and God for all they do for you. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! I am asking of you to help My daughter in My Mission to help all peoples. How can you turn your backs on your brothers and sisters who are in need? There are many of My children in all areas who are in need of food, medical care, rent or utilities.

My daughter will be coming to you with messages from me and a "Special Blessing" Please welcome her with open hearts full of love.

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love.

(end of message )

AUGUST 18 2001


My Dear Children, today as I your Mother of the World come to you, I ask of you to continue in your prayers for peaceful negotiations through out your world. I beg of you to pray for My children in the Middle-East. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

My Dear Children, the United States has been having air strikes against Iraq, this due to Iraq firing on the United States planes. But understand these new strikes are aimed to cripple their defense system, along with their operating systems. This month is a crucial time for wars in history. The United States has been trying to put off major conflicts as this month of wars continues, please pray much for these air strikes to end on both sides as this will be a major factor in a war to end all wars with the peoples of the Middle East, siding with others of major powers against the United States and their allies. This ruler of Iraq has been invading the Sudan. His objective is the oil in and around Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He wishes control of this oil. Please pray, fast and offer sacrifices. Use your rosary as your defense against these wars. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My Dear Children, I beg of you to PRAY your rosary, not just say the words repeatedly and at a fast speed. It is not how much prayer you do but how you pray, does it come from your heart, meaningful, or is it rehearsed words? My children, you do not realize how powerful your prayers are. When you pray, ask your Angels to pray along with you, this multiplies your prayers a hundred fold. So ask the Saints and Angles to pray along with you. God hears all prayers. I pray with you also.

I love you and thank you so much for the prayers and offerings you have done for the souls of your brothers and sisters. I will tell you this also, if a soul is troubled or in trial and you ray for that soul, God hears those prayers for that soul, and when they die, My Son, Jesus, will save them from going to hell, because they have been prayed for. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Remember your sacraments, I beg of you to pray for the lost souls who are wandering around looking for answers to their problems of sin. Pray that they find their way to God. Any of these children will end up with the evil spirits even though they do not know they are evil spirits, and many will chose them knowing they are evil. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Go in Peace and Love and do not fear.

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love.

( end of message)

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Dia 18 de Agosto 2001

Mis Queridos Hijos,

Hoy, como Yo, su Madre del Mundo vengo a ustedes, les pido que continuen en sus oraciones por negociaciones pacificas alrededor del mundo. Les ruego que rezen por Mis hijos en el Mediano Oriente. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!! Mis queridos hijos, los Estados Unidos han llevado a cabo ataques aereos contra Iraq, ésto debido a que Iraq disparo contra aviones de los Estados Unidos, pero entiendan que estos nuevos ataques tienen el propósito de incapacitar su sistema de defensa, juntos con su sistema de operaciones. Éste mes en la historia es un tiempo grave para guerras. Los Estados Unidos ha estado tratando de aplazar conflictos mayores mientras éste mes de guerras continúa. Por favor, rezen mucho para que éstos ataques aéreos de ambos lados terminen porque serán el factor mayor de la guerra para terminar con todas las guerras, con la gente del Mediano Oriente tomando partido con otros de poderes mayores contra los Estados Unidos y sus aliados. Éste lider de Iraq ha estado invadiendo el Sudán. Su meta es el aceite en y alrededor de Arabia Saúdita y Kuwait. Desea control de éste aceite. Por favor, rezen, ayunen y ofrescan sacrificios. Usen sus rosarios como su defensa contra éstas guerras. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Mis queridos hijos, Yo les ruego que REZEN sus rosarios, no solamente digan las palabras repetidamente y con rapidez. No es solamente cuantas oraciones hacen, pero como rezan,
viene la oracion de su corazon, es significante, o son palabras ensayadas? Mis hijos, no se dan cuenta del poder que tienen sus oraciones. Cuando rezen, pidanles a sus Angeles Guardianes que rezen juntos con ustedes, ésto multiplica sus oraciones cien veces mas. Asi que pidanles a los Santos y Angeles que rezen junto con ustedes. Dios oye todas las oraciones. Yo rezo junto con ustedes tambien.

Yo les amo y les doy las gracias por las oraciones y ofrendas que han hecho por las almas de sus hermanos. Les dire ésto tambien, si una alma se encuentra angustiada o mortificada y ustedes rezan por ésa alma, Dios oye ésas oraciones por ella, y cuando muera, Mi Hijo, Jesus, la salvará del infierno, porque rezaron por ella. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Recuerden sus sacramentos. Les ruego que rezen por las almas perdidas que vagabundean buscando solucion a sus problemas de pecado. Rezen que encuentren su camino a Dios. Muchos de estos hijos terminarán con los espiritus malignos aunque ellos no conocen que lo son, y muchos los escogerán sabiendo lo que son. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Vayan en Paz y Amor.

Los bendigo a todos con Mi Manto Maternal de Amor.

Anyone may attend the Apparitions of the Blessed Mother. They are on the 1 st and 3 rd Saturdays. We start prayers and songs at 11:30 am. The rosary at 11:55.

The Blessed Mother comes at 12 noon. She brings many graces with Her. Everyones welcome.

If you would like to see and touch the statues of Jesus and Mary that have cried blood, you may do so after the message is received and read, or you can call anytime to make an appointment. Phone 620-278-3469.

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