Phoenix, Arizona


Testimony of the cure that God granted on October 13 th 2000

Good Morning Pat,

Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, but between doctors and going for tests and didn't want to send this until we were sure,,we were but doctors weren't!!! I have only been on and off here few minutes at a time,,my niece who is staying with me for a couple weeks now spends time on here yakking with her sister, ,,it's their dad that had ( note I said had) been dying with cancer for two years now,,the one I wanted the rose petals for,,, Anyway, had to get this off to you before I head for my appt.,,,please ignore my request AGAIN for the rose petals,,,satan works in strange but Our Lady and Her Son seeem to always defeat him,,,when I received your email once again (email before this recent one) that they had been mailed and never arrived while talking with my brother's wife I suggested we act like they had gotten here and for her to have the same faith as me and we pray accordingly and guess what,,,yet another surgery he was to have has been cancelled,,since all drainage has stopped the doctors feel no need to put in a larger shunt, but as doctors go,,they insisted on another CATSCAN, which were happy they did,,,and it verified,,,no surgey needed,,hole in liver was closed,,but like doctors,,not satisfied they did an MIR,,not only to find hole closed but all broken vertabrae in lower lumbar area where mended,,off with the brace,,so like Our Lady says,,,what proof do you need?? What signs to you need??? and this is what we did,,,we couldn't have the rose petals since the evil one was obviously making sure they never came,,,yet by going on blind trust and faith that we had them this came about,,,one more thing,,,he has not been able to have BM'S and even enemas didn't work and a nurse would have to go to the house to dig out the fecal impaction (sorry be gross),,now even this has stopped,,now going one step at a time it's trying to get the 80-90 lbs back on him that he lost,,feeding tube is gone with all other tubes,,,eating by mouth slow and small portions is taking place,,thank you Jesus,,,

So now you know why I didn't resend my physical address,,,and decided LONG ago that I didn't want them for me,,and noone knows this but our Lord and His Mother,,,and now you,,if my pain were taken away,,,what would I have to suffer for God the Father united the sufferings of the Son for reparation and salvation of souls??

The medals I sent you,,and told you in one of the emails with a dire message to a visionary,,please have those medals on yourself and loved ones,,was thinking a couple days ago or maybe yesterday,,how crazy,,,like our Lady wouldn't have you under her mantle of protection,,but be safe,,, put them on everyone in your family,,,as satan will attack and tempt you more than us,,,God bless,,forget my address,,satan will just way lay them somewhere,,,God bless and thank you,,,gotta get to doctors,,get another verdict today,,what ever God wants,,His will not mine,,, loretta

Consider this a testimony,,,

Should probably have written this sooner,,but waiting for doctor's proof through tests doesn't say much for my faith does it,,,just could not remember when the last time was you told me you sent out those petals for that was when we did this,,,just knew no matter how you would send them the evil one would not let them get here,,and now I think it's more because of me,,I know that PIG hates me because of my GREAT pain that I go to the foot of the cross and unite it with the sufferings of Jesus and give them to God the Father to His intentions,,that must throw that PIG into a real Rage--LOL LOL...God bless You have my permission to share this,,,,God loves praise and thanks

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DECEMBER 02 2000


to Patricia Mundorf 12-02-2000

My Dear Children, today as I your Mother of the World come to you I come with a Happy Heart for you. I thank you for all the prayers, sufferings and offerings you have been doing at My request. Please, My dear children, continue in your efforts for Peace through out your world. There is so little time left in the world to evangelize to all My children in the world. Have hope, My dear children in your future. If you are with God, then you should have no fear in the coming months of chastisements. Yes, fear God, for what He can and will do for the sins man has committed. Fear God if you have not helped to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, help the poor, as My Son Jesus has asked of you. Live the commandments. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

I have told you many times to BEWARE of the REDS. Again, I give you this warning. Many countries are ready to go to war, and other countries are making themselves ready for war. Look around you, My dear children, at all the conflicts going around you all over the world. These are some of the signs spoken of in Scripture. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

Today, I will speak to you of confession. This is a Sacrament that My Son, Jesus gave to Peter and has been passed along to all My priest sons. Do you realize how wonderful this sacrament is? You may go many times to confession and clean your soul. Purify your soul often. This makes you very close to God, your Father in Heaven. Should you die, you would be with God shortly after your earthly death. 

My dear children, today I want to Thank you for the preparations you are making for My Son, Jesus' celebrated birth. Remember, My Son, Jesus became man so as to be the Savior of the world. Remember this is why you celebrate My Son, Jesus' birth. Please, My dear children, do not be taken up in the Holiday Sprit of worldly treasures. Put Jesus first in your lives. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

My dear children, the last time I gave a message to the world, I asked of you to step out in faith and love and aid My daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) in her efforts to purchase this property that I have requested for the needs of others, who are much less fortunate than you are. Some of you have done this and Jesus and I thank you for aiding this project. Many more of you could contribute, but do not. You are afraid to let go of your funds you are storing for future use and pleasures. Where, My children, do you feel this money will benefit you? It can not buy you into Heaven. Your love and trust and faith along with good deeds will gain you entry into Heaven. Many of you can spare a few dollars, and many of you can give much. Many of you are aiding others, and this is great, as you are still doing Gods work, BUT I am speaking of those of you, whom God has given so much to, yet you do not feel you need to give some of this away. Oh you of little faith and trust. Repent of your sins of pride, love of money, and self. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

My dear children, many have spoken to you of the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart taking place this year. This is FALSE. This event can not occur this year. There is NOT enough time for all that has been written of in Scripture to occur before the end of this year. Know them by their fruits. Learn to separate the chaff from the wheat. Do NOT explain away their ramblings. My dear children. I have spoken to you of many false prophets before, and asked you to separate yourselves from them. I have told you two times this year in My messages to the world, that neither the Warning or the Miracle would occur this year, Yet you persist in believing this to be so. Please My dear children, learn to discern for yourselves. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Pray for those who are false and being deceived by the evil one, as many will follow these false prophets to the anti-christ, and it will be their downfall. 

Remember your sacraments, and pray much for My priests. 

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love. Go in peace and love. 

( end of message )

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Mensaje de la Madre del Mundo a Patricia Mundorf

Dia 2 de Diciembre, 2000

Mis Queridos Hijos,

Hoy como Yo, su Madre del Mundo vengo a ustedes, vengo con un Corazon Alegre por ustedes. Les doy las gracias por
todas las oraciones, sufrimientos y sacrificios que han estado haciendo al haberselo Yo pedido. Por favor, Mis queridos hijos,
continúen con sus esfuerzos por la Paz alrededor de su mundo. Queda tan poco tiempo en el mundo para evangelizar a todos
Mis hijos en el mundo. Téngan esperanza, Mis queridos hijos en su futuro. Si están con Dios, entonces no deben de tener
temor a los castigos que vendrán en los meses venideros. ¡Si! tenganle temor a Dios por lo que El puede hacer y hará por los
pecados que el hombre ha cometido. Ténganle temor a Dios si no han ayudado a alimentar a los que tienen hambre, no le han
dado ropa a los pobres, segun Mi Hijo, Jesus, les ha pedido que hagan. ¡Vivan los Mandamientos! ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN,

Les he dicho muchas veces que se CUIDEN de los COMUNISTAS. De nuevo, les doy ésta advertencia. Muchos paises
están preparados para ir a guerra, y otros paises se están preparando. Miren a sus alrededores, Mis queridos hijos, a todos los
conflictos ocurriendo alrededor del mundo. Éstos son algunas de las señales mencionadas en las Escrituras. ¡¡¡REZEN,

Hoy les hablare de la Confesion. Éste es un Sacramento que Mi Hijo, Jesus le entregó a Pedro y el cual ha sido entregado a
todos Mis hijos Sacerdotes. ¿Se dan cuenta lo maravilloso que este sacramento es? Pueden ir muchas veces a confesion y
limpiar su alma. Purifiquen su alma con frequencia. Esto hace que esten muy cerca a Dios, su Padre en el Cielo. Si han de
morir, estarían con Dios pronto despues de su muerte temporal.

Mis queridos hijos, hoy les quiero dar gracias por las preparaciones que están haciendo para el celebrado nacimiento de Mi
Hijo, Jesus. Recuerden, Mi Hijo, Jesus, se hizo hombre para asi poder ser el Salvador del mundo. Recuerden, que por esto es
que celebran el nacimiento de Mi
Hijo, Jesus. Por favor, Mis hijos, no se dejen llevar por el espiritu celebrante de tesoros mundanos. Pongan a Jesus primero en
sus vidas. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Mis queridos hijos, la ultima vez que Yo di un mensaje al mundo, pedi de ustedes que dieran un paso de fé y amor y ayudaran
a mi hija (Patricia Mundorf) en sus esfuerzos para comprar esa propiedad que Yo he pedido para las necesidades de otros, los
cuales son menos afortunados que ustedes. Algunos de ustedes han cumplido con este pedido y Jesus y Yo les damos las
gracias por su ayuda con este proyecto. Muchos mas de ustedes podrian contribuir, pero no lo hacen. Tienen temor de dejar ir
los fondos que estan guardando para uso futuro y placeres.
¿Donde, Mis hijos, creen ustedes que le va a beneficiar este dinero? No les puede comprar entrada al Cielo. Su amor y
confianza y fé juntos con buenas obras les ganara entrada al Cielo. Muchos de ustedes pueden dar unos dolares, y muchos
pueden dar mas. Muchos de ustedes estan ayudando a otros, y esto es bueno porque asi estan haciendo el trabajo de Dios,
pero Yo estoy hablando de ellos de ustedes a quien Dios les ha dado en abundancia pero todavia sienten que no deben de
donar parte de ese dinero. O, ustedes de poca fe y confianza. Arrepientanse de sus pecados de orgullo, amor de dinero, y de
si mismo. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Mis queridos hijos, muchos les han dicho que tendra lugar este año el Triunfo de Mi Inmaculado Corazon. Esto es FALSO.
Este evento no puede ocurrir este año. NO hay suficiente tiempo para todo lo mencionado en las Escrituras ocurrir antes del fin
del año. Conóscanlos por su fruto. Aprendan como separar la cizaña del grano y no ofrescan explicaciones a sus palabrerias
Mis queridos hijos. Yo les he hablado anteriormente de los muchos falsos profetas y les he pedido que se separen de ellos. Les
he dicho dos veces este año en Mis mensajes al Mundo, que ni el AVISO ni el MILAGRO iban a ocurrir este año, pero
todavia insisten en creer que eso va a ser asi. Por favor, Mis queridos hijos, aprendan a discernir por si mismos. Rézenle al
Espiritu Santo para que les de direccion. Rézen por esos que son falsos y que están siendo engañados por el maligno, porque
muchos seguirán a estos falsos profetas hacia el anti-cristo, y ésto sera su perdicion.

Recuerden sus sacramentos, y rezen mucho por Mis Sacerdotes.

Los bendigo a todos con Mi Manto Maternal de Amor.
Vayan en Paz y Amor.


La direccion para pedir los petalos de rosas blancas bendecidas, el
decenario de la Sangre Preciosa de Jesus, las medallas y oraciones y
para donar dinero o mano de obra es la siguiente:


TEL: 1- 316-278-3469

DECEMBER 16 2000


to Patricia Mundorf 12-16-2000

My Dear Children, today, as I, your Mother of the World, come to you, I come with much Thanksgiving for all the sacrifices and prayers you have done at My request. Many lives have been turned back to God, and many events that were to occur have been mitigated, and many even stopped, by God your Father. I beg of you NOW, My Dear children, Pray for mitigation of events that are occuring now through out your world. The catastrophes and chaos have begun around your world. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

My dear children, I have told you many times about your weather problems and the changes that are to occur. I have told you of warm where its normally cold and cold where its normally warm. I have told you to watch your sky for signs. Many, Many signs have occurred, but you just accept the scientists explanation. Do you not realize all events in they sky, from the Heavens come from God ? 

My dear children, I have begged of you to evangelize, to tell others of Gods love and Mercy and justice for all of His children. Please, remember to do this often, so many of Gods children will know and accept God. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

You times as you know them and all that has been spoken of in scripture has begun.!!! Look around you my dear children. I have warned you many times that these events would occur. 

I have requested of you to turn your lives around, to turn your hearts and souls back to God. God gives you so very many chances to receive His graces, He bestows on you every day, but MOST of My children have turned their hearts from God, your Father, so many of you would rather worship your gods of self-gratification, earthly pleasures and self-worship, as taught by the evil one. Your worship and love of power, money and prestige, comes before any worship of God your Father. Even your prayers come lastly as an after thought. NOW my dear children is the time to turn your lives back to God. Put God first in ALL you do, allow God to work in your lives. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! 

Today, I also will thank you for the many ways you make ready to celebrate the birth of My son, Jesus. I must remind you to beware of becoming too much into building your worldly treasures. Build up your Heavenly treasures with love, kindness, sharing, prayer, sacrifices and almsgiving. 

Soon, Soon, Very Soon I tell you, You will begin to notice the changes taking place, all that I have warned you of will come to pass. You My dear children are in your Chastisement. Many events can be mitigated, but the Chastisement has begun. You will begin to see all the earthly treasures you hold dear, crumble. This I tell you, become aware of events around your world. Watch and see, listen and hear. Pray, keep your sacraments. My dear children, follow the lead of your Pope John Paul ll, My chosen Son. Watch closely at all he does and listen closely at what he tells you as he tries to lead you through the coming events that will begin to occur soon. Follow the words of My priests and chosen messengers. Keep your sacramentals close to you. Read your scripture and be prepared all days. 

Have a Joyous Christmas season. Pray much for your time is at hand. 

Go in Peace and Love. I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love.

( end of message ) 


Merry  Christmas
and a happy New Year!

Spanish flag


Dia 16 de Diciembre, 2000

Mis Queridos Hijos,
Hoy como Yo, su Madre del mundo vengo a ustedes, vengo con mucho agradecimiento por todos los sacrificios y oraciones
que han hecho al Yo pedirles. Muchas vidas han sido regresadas a Dios, y muchos eventos que iban a ocurrir han sido
mitigados, y muchos detenidos por Dios, su Padre. Les ruego a ustedes AHORA, Mis queridos hijos, rezen por la mitigacion
de eventos que estan ocurriendo alrededor de su mundo ahora. Las catastrofes y caos han comenzado alrededor del mundo.

Mis queridos hijos, Yo les he dicho muchas veces de sus problemas con el clima y de los cambios que iban a acontecer. Les
he dicho de calor donde por lo general es frio y de frio donde por lo general es caliente. Les he dicho de estar atentos al cielo
por las señales. Muchas, muchas señales han ocurrido, pero ustedes no mas que aceptan las explicaciones de los cientificos.
¿No se dan cuenta que todos los eventos en el firmamento, del Cielo, provienen de Dios? Mis queridos hijos, les he rogado
que evangelizen, que les digan a otros del Amor, Justicia y Misericordia de Dios para todos Sus hijos. Por favor, recuerden de
hacer esto frecuentemente para que muchos de los hijos de Dios conozcan y lo acepten a El. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

¡¡¡Sus tiempos como ustedes los conocen y todo de lo que se ha escrito en las Escrituras han comenzado!!! Miren a sus
alrededores, Mis queridos hijos. Les he advertido numerosas veces que estos eventos iban a acontecer.

Les he pedido a ustedes que cambien sus vidas, que entreguen sus corazones y almas de nuevo a Dios. Dios les ofrece tantas
oportunidades para recibir Sus Gracias las cuales El otorga sobre ustedes todos los dias, pero LA MAYOR PARTE de Mis
hijos han cerrados sus corazones a Dios, su Padre. Muchos de ustedes mejor desean adorar a sus dioses de satisfaccion de los
deseos propios, placeres mundanos y el culto de si mismo, como los enseña el maligno. Su adoracion y amor de poder, dinero
y prestigio, viene primero a la adoracion de Dios, su Padre. Hasta sus oraciones vienen despues como una idea tardía.
AHORA Mis queridos hijos es el tiempo de cambiar sus vidas y regresar a Dios. Pongan a Dios primero en TODO lo que
hacen. Permitan que Dios obre en sus vidas. ¡¡¡REZEN, REZEN, REZEN!!!

Hoy, tambien les dare las gracias por las diferentes maneras en el cual ustedes se preparan para celebrar el nacimiento de Mi
Hijo, Jesus. Les tengo que recordar que se cuiden de estar totalmente enbebidos en aumentar sus tesoros mundanos.
Aumenten sus tesoros en el Cielo con amor, bondad, compartiendo, rezando, sacrificios y ofreciendo limosnas.

Pronto, Pronto, Muy Pronto les digo, comenzaran a ver los cambios ocurrir. Todo de lo que Yo les he advertido se realizara.
Ustedes, Mis queridos hijos estan viviendo en su Castigo. Muchos eventos se pueden mitigar, pero el Castigo ha empezado.
Comenzaran a ver todos los tesoros mundanos que ustedes aprecian derrumbarse. Esto, les digo, tengan conocimiento de los
eventos alrededor del mundo. Observen y vean, escuchen y oigan. Rezen. Mantengan sus Sacramentos.

Mis hijos, sigan el ejemplo de su Papa Juan-Pablo II, Mi hijo escogido. Miren atentamente a todo lo que el hace y escuchen
atentamente a todo lo que el dice mientras el intenta conducirlos del principio al fin de los eventos que pronto comenzaran a
ocurrir. Sigan las palabras de Mis Sacerdotes y mensajeros escogidos. Mantengan sus Sacramentales consigo. Lean las
Escrituras y esten preparados todos los dias.

Tengan unas Navidades Felizes. Rezen mucho porque su tiempo esta a mano.

Vayan en Paz y Amor.

Los Bendigo a todos con Mi Manto Maternal de Amor.

(Fin de Mensaje)

The apparition of Our Blessed Mother are open to the public, They occur on the First and Third Saturday of ever month at 12:00 pm. Rosary and prayers start at 11:30. Due to our move and the closing of the Apparition site in Phoenix, there were no public messages given, no internet, phones or tv. 

The Blessed Mother has changed the time of her Apparition and visit with the public to 12 noon, still on 1st and 3 rd Saturdays. All are welcome to attend. 

Prayers will start at 11:30, Rosary at 11:55. Songs and any prayers you may want after the visit as Mary does stay for awhile. You may just want to reflect in private prayer. 

The new address for everything, Mary's prayer pamphlets and End times booklets, Rosarys , scapulars, Miraculous Medals, can be gotten by donation if possible, at: 

Pat Mundorf 404 N. Broadway Ave - Sterling, Kansas 67579 USA Phone 316-278-3469. NE Corner of Broadway and Washington North of Hutchinson Kansas . 

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