Phoenix, Arizona

  Dear Prayer Warriors, and all you remnant

You know Our Blessed Mother has been asking for help for the Safe Havens /Refuges.  Well today I found the refuge for many, many. I need prayers and also financial help to do this. I can purchase this 5 br, home with 2 huge out buildings in great shape, morton buildings, (Metal.) a 2 1/2 car garage, plus a 1 car plus workshop garage, a chicken coop, wash house, out house, 3 wells, ones a windmill, creeks, pond, 30 acres, woods, a pasture, fenced, whats left of a carbide electric unit, to power electricity, All this in great condition. Need about 70 grand, as it also needs a septic system. Free gas, until the gas and electric goes. It has a tractor with attachments, and 3 big gas tanks, all for that price.

   I have a coal/wood cookstove, and will  need to buy 4 wood burning stoves for the 2 big buildings, plus we will need such things as cots, blankets, I have maybe 12 extra I also have over 100 plates, cups, and a few big restaurant pots, lots of utensils, as many will be cooking at these places.   You all are welcome to come any time and spend some time to help out where you may want to stay,   I just ask of you to pray about this, and if you can spare a little or a lot. we would greatly appreciate this. Bill and I can not do this all on our own, We are on Social Security.

  Donations can be sent to Marys Mantle Ministries, @ PatriciaMundorf -404 N. Broadway Ave - Sterling, Kansas 67579 USA Phone 316-278-3469.

Thank you all so very much, and I know the Blessed Mother will give Her Thanks too,

God Bless you all, Patricia

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[ December 18 1999 ]

DECEMBER 18 1999


Mary's Message

My Dear children, Today, I, your Mother of the World come with a Joyous heart. You, My dear children have been getting ready for your celebrations of My Son, Jesus' birth. This makes me very happy. I thank you for all your Gracious Celebrations.

This year, as we had done last year, God will allow the souls of those you pray for on Christmas Eve, to be permitted to enter the gates of Heaven on Christmas morning. Remember, you must attend mass on Christmas Day and receive My Son, Jesus' body. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Today, also My dear children, I want to thank you for your giving of self, and your sacrifices for the poor. Please My children keep this giving through out the year. There are so many who suffer. Give of yourselves, but also give of your alms.

Today, I ask of you to keep prayers in your heart for those who have no peace in their countries. So many leaders are using this time of year against their fellow men. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

My dear children, I have asked My daughter Patricia to move to Kansas permanently. This has been done successfully. Please keep her and her husband in prayer also. I also have told My daughter, Patricia that I will continue to visit with her on First and Third Saturdays, but now I come at your noon hour of 12:00. I will give many graces to those who attend when I visit. There already have been granted many miracles and healings. There will be much more to be given to others. My daughter Patricia, will set her shrines up where she now lives.

I have told you many times to beware of the Red Countries and of the Lion. I warn you again. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

I beg of you My children to prepare for the events that are soon to commence upon you. These will come slowly, as a thief in the night. Prepare your souls daily, and keep your homes prepared with extra food, water and a way to heat. Keep a Happy Heart and your hearts and minds focused on God, your Father, With God ALL things are possible. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

I wish you all a Joyous Christmas. My Son, Jesus' heart is very happy over your celebrations of His birth.

Go in Peace and Love. I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love.

(end of message)

NOTE from Patricia

Due to our move and the closing of the Apparition site in Phoenix, there were no public messages given, no internet, phones or tv.

The Blessed Mother has changed the time of her Apparition and visit with the public to 12 noon, still on 1st and 3 rd Saturdays. All are welcome to attend.

Prayers will start at 11:30, Rosary at 11:55. Songs and any prayers you may want after the visit as Mary does stay for awhile. You may just want to reflect in private prayer.

The new address for everything, Mary's prayer pamphlets and End times booklets, Rosarys , scapulars, Miraculous Medals, can be gotten by donation if possible, at:

Pat Mundorf 404 N. Broadway Ave Sterling, KS. 67579 Phone 316-278-3469. NE Corner of Broadway and Washington North of Hutchinson Kansas .


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