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MARCH 6TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children,

Today, how wonderful you show your adoration, to my Son in your Monstrance, and in your Stations you do, so devoutly.

Children, at this time I want to remind you of your sins. This is a good time for you to go to Confession and repent of your sins, and do penance for your sins. Penance needs to be satisfied better by priests and religious who follow more closely the abnegation of the Lord.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!

My children, I ask of you to read your Books from the Apostles, your Gospels. Learn your Gospels. Its God's living Word. Grow in your love of God and your neighbors.

How can you say you love God if you do not love your neighbor?

Put away your materialistic values, they are of no good to your soul. Learn, my children, learn to give more to your charity-work. Treat your neighbors as if they were Jesus. Give. My Son will replenish you, my children.

We are saddened by the poor of your countries, not just food, but medically. Take care of your poor and Jesus will take care of you. If you worship what you have of this earth and not God, then you cannot be with God.

Oh my children, there's so much hatred and skepticism and dividing in your churches. Pray, for all your nations, for your churches to be aligned with your Pope, John Paul II. Pray, as there will yet be another division in your churches. Your wars have been mitigated, but they are still at hand. War could begin anytime, with this evil man. There are many wars that have been mitigated, or stopped, because of your prayers. Pray my children, pray for PEACE in your nations.

Do you not look around you and know all that is from God ? THANK God in prayer, my children.

You rise in the morning with no prayer in your hearts. Please, my children teach others how to pray. Teach what is to be done in your churches.

I come today as the Mother of all the World.

Thank you, my children, for all your responses to my call to you."

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MARCH 13TH 199

Friday, March 13, 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, I come to you today as the Mother of All the World, and with much love and joy for all my children.

I told you to watch the sky for signs given to you. Did you not see the sign prophesied so many years ago, the asteroid? This WAS to be the beginning of your chastisements. Your prayer and sacrifices have mitigated this chastisement. ONLY GOD COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS FROM HITTING YOUR EARTH.

I have told you, my children, that this year will not pass without a sign from God. This asteroid that WAS sent from God to destroy many millions, has been this sign. This is the first of more to come. Your scientists are now humbled by this event not taking place as they calculated. This has been a warning from God.

Bow down and give yourselves completely to God before it is too LATE for you. Confess your sins, atone for your sins, sacrifice for your sins. Live your Commandments given to you by God. Obey God. Pray, pray, PRAY! This is how you can save yourselves.

When you are dead, it will be too late for you to confess your sins and atone for those sins. You may spend much time agonizing for those sins. Do this NOW. Make each new day that God gives you a chance to love Him with your whole being. If you have a chance to do some good for another, and you do NOT do this, then you are doing evil. My children, you are to treat your neighbors as you would treat JESUS.

Pray, pray, PRAY!

REJOICE, my children, in thanksgiving, as many have been saved from the fires in the sky. Know that God loves you and does NOT want to hurt you, His children.

There are still so many who violate God's laws and test His love and patience. He WILL bring His wrath on those who refuse to change their evil ways.

As you worship these next weeks before your Easter celebration of my Son's Resurrection from the dead and his Rising to Heaven, remember He was on earth as the Risen Son for forty days. I ask you to remember this and rejoice!

When you receive my Son's Body in yours at your Holy Eucharistic celebration, remember ALL He has done for you, and that with Him, you become as One."

Questions asked by Patricia Mundorf of Mary:

v 1. What about false prophets that are mentioned; what should we do?

Mary answered: "Nothing. If they save ONE soul, they have done GOOD. If they turn people from God, the Church, and their prayer life, then they are doing wrong and will answer to GOD."

2. I have been told that my yard here is blessed ground if Mary had been there, and that all of the roses should thus be blessed.(?)

Mary answered: "All the rose bushes ARE blessed, but the white roses by my shrine are for graces and miracles."

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MARCH 14TH 1998

Saturday March 14, 1998 early a.m.

(Mary awoke me and told me to look to the window, which I did. Mary then showed me a vision of bodies,--men women and children,--chopped to pieces, decapitated, blood all around them, obviously murdered.)

Mary said: "My daughter, you must tell all the world these deaths were for their religion (the people whose bodies I was shown.) Islamic Muslims of the worst kind are killing people for what they believe. This HAS to be put to an end. I ask you to pray much for these countries.

My children, you see and hear of these horrible persecutions, WHY do you not pray for these people, who are your brothers and sisters? There are so MANY murdered in Algeria, whole VILLAGES, by these Islamic murderers. Pray for them to END this type of tragedy.

v People are being killed in India, Africa, Russia, Ireland, Asia, Europe! Oh my children how this PIERCES my Son's Heart, as it does mine also.

God WILL bring his wrath if you cannot show love for your neighbor. He has shown you so MANY warnings.

I told you of the warming of your earth. Your winters were mild where they are normally severe. You had rain storms, ice storms, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes, active volcanoes, and many other warnings this year. Most of this has been mitigated by your prayers. Many of you came close to God. God has said, "Before they call, I will answer."

I told you of your asteroid; the only person who could make it move off, away from you, is God. See what He has done. You KNOW this was to have happened. Where are your prayers of thanksgiving?

Lift your eyes to the heavens, pray for your brothers and sisters; do what you can to put an end to these murders. I saw how wonderful you were during your storms to your brothers and sisters. Now show that love for your brothers and sisters who need your prayers so much MORE."

(Mary then showed me the evening dark skies. Suddenly it was like small fireworks going off all over the heavens, like millions of stars flashing.)

Mary said: "My daughter, what I have shown you is your sky in your eleventh month, November. Watch and know, and pray MUCH, for this is a sign from God as told to the prophets.

What does it take to wake you UP to what is happening outside your doors? Do not be blind nor turn a deaf ear. Make yourselves ready all your days. Be PREPARED.

Pray, my children, PRAY!

SAVE your neighbors! Don't worry over your worldly treasures, as you cannot take them when you die and they will not earn you a better passage.

My children, when you pray, say my Sons name, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...." Keep His Name in your thoughts. Write it down so you can SEE it. Remember ALL He did for you.

What can you do for Him ?"

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MARCH 20TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today I come as the Mother of the World to tell you of some of the things that are to come and to ask for much prayer from all of you.

My dear children, I have asked you many times not to spend your time trying to count the days to your end of time as you know it. Jesus will not let this come to pass without advising His prophets. They will then let YOU know of the events before they are to happen. Read your Bible. It tells you of the things that will come to pass. I will now tell you of some of these events:

Look to Europe, the Baltics. There will be constant fighting among all the countries but ONE. Be prepared for when the United States has FULL diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Know also that shortly after the ÎReds' invade Italy, they will take over your Vatican. Then, your Pope will have to leave for his safety.


There will be many who will be persecuted for Îdiplomatic' reasons. This can lead to disastrous results. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children, for when this happens to my children you will know that the time is NEAR. Do not believe in all that your country's leaders will tell you, they only want to appease you, lest you come on to their errors.

Only a small number of my children have accepted my messages to the world. My children, I want to ask you to pick up your cross and go forward. Awaken your brothers' hearts to the HORRORS of this world, and to the Mercy and Love of Jesus and your ALL-FORGIVING God, your FATHER.

I ask you to unite your prayers with mine. Honor my Son's wounds that He suffered for the sins of the world. Atone for your sins. You have the Sacraments available to you. Pray, my children. USE them!

I appeal to you for a renewal of faith in your hearts and your churches. Put God in the CENTER of your lives!

Know that your time is near when your United States witness an earthquake of huge destruction in the center of the United States. Then I will come to crush the head of the Serpent, and My Son, Jesus, will have His Second coming.

Pray, my children PRAY! Much has been mitigated, and more will be mitigated as to your prayers. But know much has to happen accordingly to God's Will, not yours. I will cover my faithful with my Mantle of Love and you will be safe.

I ask you to keep your sacramentals close at hand. Be prepared ALL your days, as you do NOT know when the time will come upon you.

Thank you, my faithful children, for all your prayers and for all you do in charity for my Son, Jesus.

Thank your Father in Heaven, for all that you have, and all that you are.

My children I do not mean to be so harsh on you, but you NEED to know the things that will be coming to you. Know that We WILL Triumph over the evil ones."

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MARCH 27TH 1998

Mary said:

"My dear children, today I come to you as the Mother of the World. I love you all so very much and I want to thank you for all the prayers and sacrifices you have made, for Jesus, and myself. These mean so MUCH to Jesus, He LOVES you and your prayers! You are such FAITHFUL children!

My children, I must tell you this: You ask for Îsigns' and Îmiracles.' You want MORE signs to know of your End Times, and when Jesus will return. These signs have been foretold. I have told you to watch your skies in November. I also tell you, when my Son, Jesus, returns it will be from the EAST.

Many of your chastisements have been mitigated for you AND for those who have not accepted God in their hearts, by your prayers. But, KNOW this: If you wait for SIGNS to try and change your lives, your day may come upon you unawares. Do NOT wait to give yourselves to God, the time is NOW!!

There are many who will wait for Îsigns,' but will not be WITH God for a long while. Why do you tempt (test) God?

You ask for Îmiracles.' Look AROUND you, my children,--what do you see? Where are your eyes and ears? Look at the miracles that are around you EVERY moment of EVERY day!

In your times, my children, there are many who profess to be Îprophets' of God. Be aware, my children, that those who will tell you they know such things as dates,--be it year, month, day, evening or daytime,--they are false, as only the FATHER knows when He will come. There ARE many signs to help you to get your souls ready, but, my children, NEVER a date.

Jesus and I come to give you salvation. You need to follow what is told to you. You need to pray, Pray, PRAY! Why is it so HARD to give up your earthly assets and turn to God for ALL your needs? TRUST in Jesus, my children! It is Our Love of you that will get you through your times ahead.

My children, when you follow Jesus' pathway to His death on Calvary, remember also His Resurrection. He died for all of your sins, for you to have everlasting Life with Him. Yet there are many who do not love Him with their HEART. You give words and prayer, but WHERE are your acts of charity to your fellow man? Not just your alms,--where are your words of love and kindness? What have you DONE for someone, for the love of Jesus?

My children, it is EASY to love those who love YOU, to do acts of kindness to only those who are kind to YOU, give to those who will give in RETURN. These are not acts of charity, but of SELF love.

I ask you, LOVE your enemy; be KIND to someone unkind, SMILE at those who are angry. Give of your SELVES, as Jesus would do. HELP those in need. But I must tell you to beware of those wolves in sheep's clothing, who cry for help over and over. Discern WHERE you give your money and aid. There are those whose motives are greed, who can well-afford the things they cry for. And, they take away from those who REALLY need your help. You will know them by their FRUITS,-- if they ask you many times and you give, or others give, and they STILL ask, then it is GREED that encompasses them.

Yes, my children, you ARE to give and to help all people, but you cannot take from the poor to give to those who do not need, but only want to fool you into giving and thinking they are needy when they are not. PRAY for these people, that they may know God.

My children you need to pray for your Pope, John Paul. There are many evil ones in his house who are trying to say he is weak of mind, and to have the Throne of Peter unseated for their own evil one to take over. Your Pope, John Paul, is NOT of weak mind, but is VERY strong- minded. They try to confuse him. He (the usurper) has met months ago with the ones who elect, and has aid in who is to be seated after John Paul. Now they meet again to try to cast their votes for the evil one to inherit the Throne of Peter. Pray MUCH my children, as there is much work to be done before this is to happen.

Be of a happy heart, my children; pray, Pray, PRAY! You MUST go to your confessor for your sins. God awaits you, dear children, do not be afraid. He WANTS to forgive your sins, but you must ASK Him for forgiveness. There is nothing that is so bad that cannot be forgiven, if you are TRULY sorry.

Pray much, my children; gather your brother and sisters in prayer. I beg of you to turn your lives around. NOW.

I leave you in Love and Peace."

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