This Booklet has been requested by Our Blessed Mother Mary

Mary asks us to keep these prayers close to us.

I dedicate this to Mary, Our Blessed Mother, who is guiding, and teaching me in my life, how to live for her Son, Jesus and to do Gods will for me. Thank you Mother Mary for being there for me at all times.

The Two Hearts United In Battle, May You Be Protected by Marys Mantle.

Patricia Mundorf

This Prayer Given By Our Mother

Prayer given to Patricia Mundorf for all the world
4/15/98 from Our Mother

Dear Sweet Jesus, Please allow me your precious Graces, to become more obedient to You. So in doing so, O may I love and honor you with each breath that I take. Lead me to safety in all my trials and through the chastisement, which I know must come to me. Teach me your patience, Jesus, so I will remember that it is Gods will be done, not mine, in all matters of life and death. Let fire burn in my heart for your love which is so immense and forgiving. Have mercy on me now and forever more. Jesus I trust in your mercy, Jesus I trust in your love, Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

The Consecration of All Suffering

Eternal Father, I offer You all the past, present and future suffering Of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Hanging in constant agony on the Cross of the sins and indifferences of the world, In union with all the past, present and future suffering of All Your holy innocents, born and unborn, All Your martyrs, All Your saints, and All Your victim souls, In total, inseparable, co-sacrificial union With every single Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ever offered up to You Throughout the past, Throughout the present, and Throughout the future, In reparation and atonement for poor sinners everywhere: The unbelievers, The fallen away, and The lost souls who are about to die, Because they are our brothers and sisters, Made in Your Image, And we love them more than we love ourselves, Amen. (Joseph Hunt)

Basic Prayers

The Sign of the Cross
The Apostles Creed
The LordÍs Prayer
The Gloria
The Hail Mary
Guardian Angel Prayer
The Divine Praises
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Love
Act of Contrition
Act of Spiritual Communion
The Two Hearts

Prayers to Our Lord

Daily Prayer To The Sacred Heart
Soul of Christ (Anima Christi)
Exaltation of the Holy Cross Novena
Prayer to the Holy Face

Marian Prayers and Devotions

The Angelus
Mary, Mother of the Unborn
Letter from the Blessed Mother

Prayers for Various Purposes

Prayer for a Family
Prayer for the Church
Healing Prayer at Bedtime
Prayer to St. Joseph
Evening Prayer
Extreme or Terminal Illness
A Prayer for the Dying
Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great
Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory
Heroic Prayer to St. Michael
Out of the Depths (De profundis)
Hear us (Exaudi nos)
Act of Resignation
Baptism in Case of Necessity (Baltimore Catechism, No.3)

Rosary Prayers

The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
How to Pray the Rosary
The Mysteries of the Rosary
My Rosary
The Stations of the Cross
Our Lady's Rosary

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