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Dear all, I hate to do this but I am going to do as Mother Angelica does and ask for money. We need cash to get this refuge retreat center for our Blessed Mother as she had requested. A safe place for abused women and children, for the homeless to stay and get an education and jobs (we will be working with the communities) trying to get grants too.

Many of you have given donations, but we are really too far away from the goals. This place will then be a retreat for priests, and for all. We will set up the retreats. This wil also become a refuge for the end times.

Please we are asking all of you to send something. We thank all of you who sent us some donations before, but we never got close. I hope the Blessed Mother touches your heart to give to this cause for Blessed Mother.

We are Non-Profit so are tax deductable, Marys Mantle Ministries, is a legal non profit corporation in Kansas, and when we both are gone (die) the places go to the Diocese or some other non profit. We can NOT take the monies out.

God Bless you all and Thanks so very much for anything you can do.
Pat and Bill

Marys Mantle Ministries
404 N. Broadway Ave
Sterling, Kansas
67579 USA

Make all checks payable to Marys Mantle Ministries


I have been asked many questions by many people who do not know or remember what the Blessed Mother had requested,

A good while back the Blessed Mother asked of me if I would aid Her in "TAKING CARE OF MY CHILDREN " I have asked Mother exactly what She wanted of me.

1. To acquire, purchase property with many rooms. This so we can take in and help the homeless, to have a place to live for a time as we help them to get back on their feet and into their own housing and get jobs. This will be done with the help of the community and other churches.

2. We also are to take in the abused women and children, and give them a secure place to stay and aid them into getting back with the families and helping the abuser. I have found out that our county has a program from the Federal Govt that pays for drug and alcohol abuse, and if the wives or children are abused, well that comes under the heading and we can get funds thru them for those who need it.

3. We also will take in pregnant women, be a shelter for them so they don't abort their baby giving them a place to live, and seeking jobs if necessary but support for them and their child, or to adopt out these babies.

I have a clinic and doctors just waiting to help us.

There is no place like this in our county or neighboring counties.

Theres many community programs, people waiting to assist us also. We just need the place, as per the Blessed Mothers instructions.

We will be making and selling soaps, candles, smoked meats, which this will go big.

We have found a 3 bedroom 2 bath house, with a FULL basement. That can be made into many rooms, theres a 40 X 80 foot outbuilding with a cement floor and skylights and its 2 story, so can be converted to many sleeping rooms, rec/kitchen room, which is a refuge and can be used for retreats for priests, and any of us, bringing speakers into the area. Theres 9.2 acres, and a nice barn that needs some repair. The basement of the home needs to get the water out of it.They changed from well water to city water, and its backing into the basement.

We can make a pond and stock it for the end times. Theres also a 2 car old garage with a cement floor, doors falling off, which we would take off anyway as Blessed Mother asked for a Chapel to be made there for Her like the one in Loretto. This we will do, but first we need the property.

Thats why I was asking for the donations, I can only get 30 thousand from my home, when I sell it. We need more money to purchase this property. They are asking $130,000. I need at least $60 thousand to go to a bank. We have $6,000. donated thus far. Then theres beds and bedding to buy, etc to just get going. I can apply for Grants, but ONLY AFTER purchasing the property.

Believe me, any help you can give would be appreciated. I know Blessed Mother would give extra blessing to those who do help us to get this for Her. Make checks payable to ( We are licensed in Kansas and have our tax exemption for non profit):

Marys Mantle Ministries & Patricia Mundorf
(for mailing purposes my name)
404 N. Broadway Ave
Sterling, Kansas
67579 USA

BTW we have been purchasing, chairs, bedding, dishes, silverware, utensils, big pots, a coal/woodburning parlor stove, extra furniture, canning jars, lots of food items for storage. Thank you and God Bless you for your help.
Pat and Bill


God is stronger than human weakness and deviations,
"God will always have the last word."
says this great man - this prophet -
His Holiness John Paul II .

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