In 1990 I was wanting a statue of Mary, I figured a 1 foot tall one, My husband took me to a lawn and garden center, where we found this cement 3 1/2 foot statue of Mary, He bought it for me. It took 2 men to carry her to our car, then 2 men to take it from car to house. She was marble looking, pink and grey and white. I decided to paint her as she looks in pictures, so I bought craft paint, and painted her. She was on the coffee table in the living room and I was waiting for the 2 men to come move her to the corner table between the couch and wall.

My husband, who is not allowed to lift more that 5 pounds, said he would move her. Well on this corner table I had a tablecloth, and a doily in the middle. I told Bill thats where she has to go. I was worried about his lifting this 50 pound or more statue, up and over to the table. He grabbed her by the shoulder, thumbs and fingers facing down, and lifted her, right to the middle of the doily, and said, gee Mary did't seem heavy at all, its like she moved herself.

Now she has sat out in the sun and a few storms and Mary is painted in water paints, and she has barely faded. We have all kinds of other outdoor statuary, and they have either lost all color, or disinergrated to nothing. Mary is in FULL SUN, all day in Arizona, where it really heats up.

I had the statue of Mary with a metal pipe rack used for clothes to hang, put around her, and used brown lawn edging to make an arch. We put mini lights around the arch. This was in 1995, after Marys first visit.

This past October, Mary showed me where she wanted her Shrine to be moved, and asked that I plant the white roses to each side of her. My husband moved Mary and the pedestal that she is on to where I showed him, and we put in the White roses. I now have a simple altar in front of her, its 2 plaster pedestals, and a board over them, so when I or anyone wants to kneel down and use a prayer book they can place it there.

Theres is a sidewalk we made from tile to go up to Mary from the regular sidewalk. a fountain beside her, and also a European Prayer station, like in Germany, a small house on a pole that stands 6 feet up, with a crucifix, in it, and mini lights around the house.

The yard has tables and chairs and benches all around it for reflection, and just to sit and visit with Mary and Jesus. I am trying to get some wood so I can put up The Stations Of the Cross also.



Phoenix, Arizona
Thursday Evening, January 29, 1998

Our Blessed Mother came to me in my home, after I had been working in my yard all afternoon. She told me,

"Be still my daughter, as I have come to show and teach you of the events that are about to happen."

(Part of the message is cut here)

(Mary showed me my yard, where her little shrine is, and she was crying, standing in front of it.)

Mary said, " Why does no one come to SEE ME here ? Do they not LOVE me? "

( I had never invited anyone to see the little shrine, it still needs work around it, and being as ill as I have been, I have not done too much.)

(Mary then showed me churches, empty seats, empty pews.)

Mary said, " Where are all the Faithful? Have they all LEFT this place of worship? My children, RETURN to your churches!

Where is your adoration of my Son's Body? I do not see it.

This I tell you: ANY CHURCH WHO WILL HAVE ADORATION OF JESUS' BODY, WILL GROW. THE SINS OF YOUR VILLAGES ( CITIES ) WILL BEGIN TO PERISH AS YOU ADORE JESUS. SPEND TIME WITH MY SON'S HOLY BODY." (Mary showed me a monstrance, and she was kneeling in front of it. I also was shown a priest holding up the Host, as in the Consecration, and the BODY OF JESUS GOING INTO THE HOST, LIKE A VAPOR FROM ABOVE...)

Mary said, " Pray, my children, PRAY! Confess your sins, take my Son's Body into yours. Remember your Laws, given you by God. LIVE these laws!

Look to the Light, my children. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ABOUT TO COME ONTO YOU."

(End of message)


All photos on this web site were taken in Patricia's garden
while she was living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Everyone is welcome to come to my little shrine for Mary. Ring my bell. - Pat.

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