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July 18!
Patricia Mundorf, and her husband Bill, will be traveling the Eastern United States Starting September 15th.She will speak on the Blessed Mothers messages and what is being requested of all of us by heaven.

They will bring the statues of Jesus and Mary that have cried blood. This is for all to see and the blood is for the seriousness of the messages as Mother is so sad at the world conditions.

Patricia will accept questions, and her and Bill will give a " Special Blessing from Heaven " to all who attend.

They will bring along the 2 booklets, rosaries, chaplets, brown scapulars, and miraculous medals, to give away. All Items have been Blessed by a priest and Jesus and Mary. And of course the Blessed Rose Petals, that has cured 3 cancer patients.

All they ask is for is money to cover the gas and motel. They will schedule from Kansas to Northern US and back around, where ever they are called. They will travel by van.

As many of you know Patricia and Bill have been quite ill and she is in a wheelchair most of the time. They acquired the van for this travel. They have said you may take pictures of the statues, and that video cameras and recorders are allowed.

Please call or e-mail to schedule your talk.
Phone: 620-278-3469 or email: