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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World come to you in deep sorrow for what is at hand in many countries. As you may have noticed, as I came today to my daughter (Patricia Mundorf) the birds came, but did NOT sing.** This because of the sorrow in my heart for all the sins against your Father in Heaven. My Son, Jesus' Heart is being pierced every second of every day by your arrows of sin against God, by man.

My dear children, today I ask you to take up your Rosary and pray, Pray, PRAY as never before for the conversion of souls, for the many who are so hard of heart and do not believe in God the Father, nor of His Son, Jesus.

My dear children, I have told you, your Rosary is your mightiest of weapons against evil. Please my children, USE your Rosary! Pray for abortions to end, pray for the elderly and all other lives that are taken by the hand of man unjustly. YOU, my dear faithful children, hold the power in your hands to fight these evil demons who prowl about seeking your ruin.

Many of my children have prayed for the souls in Purgatory to be released on your Christmas Day. These prayers HAVE BEEN FULFILLED by God, your Father in Heaven, and all of Heaven now join you in your prayers for the conversion of souls.

My heart was so very joyful on Christmas, as so many entered Heaven!

Today, my children as you enjoy your New Year (celebration) on Earth, please know that this will be a very DIFFERENT year. Many events will occur that will astound you. These awful events can be mitigated with much prayer and sacrifice on your parts.

You, my dear children, have mitigated so many awful offenses from occurring with your prayers and sacrifices, but so much MORE is needed in the year ahead, as plans for war on many countries are being readied.

Your United States has now offended many countries and faces retribution for acts done. Many more countries will join together to come to the aid of smaller countries. This year will be your worst year yet for small conflicts that may turn into a large-scale war. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of love, and ask you all to remember and practice your Sacraments.

Go in Peace and Love"

( **Note from Patricia Mundorf: Usually just before Mary comes the birds from all around come flying into my oleanders (shrubs) and they sing just before Mary comes, then Mary comes on the wind. I did notice today the birds coming into the bushes, but heard no singing while I was waiting, then there was a small gust of wind and Mary appeared. )

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Mary said: "My Dear Children, I, your Mother of the World come with a grievous heart.

Today, as I speak to you, the country of the United States is making plans to strike Iraq AGAIN. I tell you this, there are many countries who are making ready to fight against the United States. These countries are aligning with Iraq. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children, that this may be mitigated by God, your Father. BEG God in your prayers that a war of MAJOR PROPORTIONS does not occur. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My dear children, as you wait for the return of my Son, Jesus for the second time, be of a happy heart. Pray, receive your Sacraments as often as you can; remember to thank your Father often for ALL He has given to you and has done for you. He Loves you so very much.

My dear children, I also want to thank you for the prayers offered last week when I was so sorrowful and God saw to it that the birds did NOT sing when I visited with you. This was done to show you how hurt Jesus' Heart and my Immaculate Heart were.

Dear children, soon you will see MANY EVENTS occur in your world. Know that SOON my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and my Son Jesus will have His Second Coming on Earth.

I beg of you to seek out your neighbors and tell them of the Love God the Father has for ALL of His children. Let your hearts be filled with the Holy Spirit as you do this, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you on the way. Teach your neighbors by words and deeds. Self-example is the best way of showing others how God works in your lives. Reach out to all the poor souls whom you live by, work with and have activities with. Go to those you do NOT even know and invite them back into the folds of the Church Jesus gave you. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, I ask of you, where are your Miraculous Medals and Brown Scapulars that I gave to you many years ago? I do not see many wearing these. Wear these sacramentals, give them to others and tell them WHY they are to wear these articles.

My dear children, my Heart fills with so much joy to see you go to Mass and participate in your Mass. I see you give honor to my Son, Jesus. This, I tell you, makes also my Son Jesus very happy. Pray, Pray, PRAY much for your priests, bishops, cardinals and Pope John Paul ll. Remember them daily, as the Evil One tries to tempt them out of God's service.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love. I kiss the children.

Go in Peace and Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come in sadness. All of my faithful have been asked many times to pray for mitigation, conversion, an end to abortion, and for a return to the Sacraments of the Church. You have been asked to go out and tell people of God's Love and Mercy, to evangelize to all peoples. Some of you do,--yet many do not. Please, my children, pray, Pray, PRAY!!! Make your lives to live as my Son Jesus lived on your Earth.

I have come to many throughout the ages, throughout the world. My Son Jesus also appears and speaks to many, as do many saints and angels. We come to lead you to a life of loving God, and to teach you of many things, as to how you should be living, to be in a state of grace, to save your souls from damnation so you may enter the Gates of Heaven, as the Father wants for ALL of His children. We also come to you with warnings, of things to come, to prepare you. Yet do you HEAR?

My children, God waits for all of you. He allows us to come to you. I have told you of things to occur through my messenger here ( Patricia Mundorf ). When these events did occur, did you THANK God for allowing you to know of these events before they occurred? And did you try to even save souls then?

I have told my daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) that I will not be coming to her with a Friday weekly (public) message for the world. I will come on the First and third Saturday of the month at 3:00 p.m., starting next month. Graces will always be given here for my children, for those who have faith and love and trust in God. When there is a need to know events that will occur, I will tell My daughter. I will still visit with Patricia daily. My Son, Jesus, came to be with you today and will give you a message. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!"

Jesus then said: "My dear child, today I came to give you warnings of the events about to occur. You who have abused the Church, God, and My teachings, WILL be held accountable for your sins. There will be much to occur that will commence soon.

Through you, many prayers requested by My Beloved Mother, many events have been mitigated. My Mother comes to comfort you, to warn you, and to offer her Graces. BUT, where are YOU? You have been allowed to receive the many Graces My Mother offers to you, yet you do not come . My Mother's time to be spent here on Earth giving messages to save your souls, to lead you to Me, is being shortened throughout the world. This saddens My Heart, children, to have to speak to you like this.

There are false prophets saying that their messages are the last My Mother will give. This is not true. There are many other places My Mother has appeared, and there will be more.

Turn your lives around. You must STOP the atrocities being committed through this world of yours, given to you by My Father in Heaven, your Eternal Father.

WHY, My children, do you turn from the Father? Please, My children, all of Heaven prays and awaits your return and the return of many souls to God.

Pray much, My children. I ask you to pray your Rosary once a week for the father who sits in the chair of Peter, Pope John Paul II.

I end, the humble Son of God. I bless you all, My children."

Mary then said: "My dear children, your Heavenly Father is very hurt over all the sins being committed. Pray to stop abortion and all other deaths that man commits. Give honor to your Father in Heaven. Give up the earthly possessions that you worship.

Go in Peace and Love. I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come with a special message to my children of Canada who welcomed my daughter Patricia ( Mundorf ) into their hearts. You have also welcomed my Son, Jesus, in doing this. Many graces are being given to Canada this night. This I tell you: your country will be spared much as the End of Times, as you know it, come upon you.

Go in Peace and Love. Remember, my children, that as you love your neighbors, God loves you. This is what He has taught through the ages, the love of your neighbor.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."