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JULY 3 1999

My dear Children, today as I your Mother of the World come to you I wish to thank you for all the prayers being said as I requested for peace throughout the world. Through your prayers much has been mitigated and many nation are now talking of peaceful solution.

My dear children I must ask of you to continue to pray for peace for all nations who are in different stages of war in their lands. Pray, Pray, Pray!

Today also I wish to speak to you about your churches you attend. My Holy Churches are not filled with my children. You tend to find other things to do than attend mass and receive my Son, Jesus, in the Holy Eucharist. First in your life, as once you have God in your life, and Jesus in you, how can you say you have an awful day? I also ask of you to pray for more priests. For vocations, as this is much needed throughout your world. Also, my dear children, remember your Pope John Paul II in your daily prayers. Remember too all the priests in daily prayer. How many of my priests get tempted by the evil one, as they become lonely. Dear children how many of you ask of your priests how they are doing? How many of you ask them to dinner, or events at your home? Remember all my chosen. Please I beg of you-Pray, pray, Pray!!!

Today I am so happy to see this group of children here in support of my daughter and of her priest. Much work is needed in these parishes here in Kansas, as well as all through the world. Dear children, you need to go to church more often than most of you do. Praise God, Praise my Son, Jesus and know they love you so very much. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!

I beg of you to pray for all nations to come to peaceful negotiations. Many things have been mitigated due to your prayers, but much more is needed to be mitigated. You have been such wonderful prayer warriors, all of Heaven hears your prayers and prays with you.

Go in peace and Love. I bless all articles, and all of my children here.

There will be much more to discuss with my daughter about her move to Kansas, I beg of you to keep her and her faithful husband in your prayers.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of love.

(End of 7/3/1999 message)

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JULY 17 1999

My Dear Children, today ,as I ,Your Mother of the World, come to you I Thank you for all your offerings of prayers and sacrifice that you have given for the Peaceful Negotiations thru out the world. Many Countries are now speaking of peace.

My Dear children, I beg of you to continue in your prayers for these events to occur. Many are praying for the Peace to be as it should in Jerusalem. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! Many events have been mitigated due to your offerings.

Today, I also want to speak to you of how much God loves each and every one of you. God has created you, many have been created with some crosses to bear in life, many receive their crosses later in life.

Remember, My Dear children, you all must bear some cross. God not only created you, but He has given you your soul, and your every breath of life. He has given you the ways to sustain yourselves. All God asks is for your love and for you to obey Him.

God gave to you His Son, Jesus, My Son. for the salvation of mankind. My Son, Jesus , died for your salvation. All of Heaven awaits you. I have told you before how God loves even the worst sinner. If , even as they take their last breath, and are sorry for their sins, and ask forgiveness, they shall be forgiven, and saved from Hell. This is something everyone of Gods children get to do, see their sins and be forgiven in that last instant. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

My Dear children, I have spoken to you before of false prophets. I tell you this, Trust in your Church, her teachings and laws. Listen to your Pope John Paul ll for he has the Holy Spirit with him. Do not trust in those whose aim it is to create divisions in My church, and take your focus off of Scripture, and the Mass, with its love, beauty, joy and hope. Where during the Mass My Son, Jesus comes to you.

My dear children, I ask of you, learn your Mass over again, remember the reasons you are there, remember the sacraments you receive. Put your focus on My Son, Jesus when you enter My church.

My dear children, I have seen so many of you, pray, pray and pray, attend Mass, and receive the Holy Eucharist, but my dear children, I do not see many of you using the Sacrament of Confession, where your sins are forgiven. If you are going to receive My Son, Jesus' body into yours, do you not want to have your soul cleaned of its sins?

I beg of you, this Sacrament is available for you, for cleansing, this has been set from Jesus to Peter," Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven " This has been handed from Peter to ALL the Popes and those of His priests. THINK of what you are doing when you receive the Holy Eucharist with sins on your soul. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Today, I tell you to watch the Heavens in future months, for many events that have been written, will come to pass. Read your Scriptures as I have asked of you. Use these Scriptures in your everyday lives.

My dear children, you need to put God first in your lives. Many of you, my dear children, want your rest, I tell you wake up earlier, go to bed earlier, But Put God first and attend Mass. Wake up, before it is too late for you. Help your neighbors and friends. Let the Light of God flow from you to all those you meet, set an example, BE a sign, instead of asking for signs.

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love.


Patricia Mundorf is married, currently lives in Phoenix Arizona, and will be moving to Lyons Kansas as of August 4rh.. The Phoenix site will be closed until January.

All are welcome to the new site at 710 Purdy St. Lyons Kansas 67554.

(end of 7/17/1999 special message)

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