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[ March 20th 1999 ]

MARCH 20th 1999

Third Saturday message from The Blessed Mother Mary

Mary said: "My dear children, today as I, your Mother of the World, come to you, I have many requests.

My dear children, I first want to thank you for your responses to my call to you for prayers, fasting, sacrifices and for your giving of your Masses. I also want to thank you for the many ways you are sending the messages to all my children around the world.

Please, my children , DO let your hearts open up to my children of ALL faiths. Jesus and I, your Mother of the World, ask of you to evangelize to ALL peoples. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My dear children, I beg of you to keep your Bibles close to you, open them, read them and live what they contain and obtain what is promised from the prophets and Apostles. Learn your Gospels. Many will try to tell you of other versions of the truth. Do NOT let anyone contradict what has been written in your Bible. Your teachings come from my Son, Jesus, your Brother. Remember, my children, you are ALL brothers and sisters in union with Jesus.

Many of my children are being persecuted for what I, you Mother of the World, and Jesus, my Son, the Son of God your Father, speak to our chosen children about. Pray for these children.

I ask you to continue to pray, fast, abstain, go to Confession, receive Communion, and attend Mass.

There is much prayer needed for Kosovo at this time. Peace MUST be granted from all sides, or your world will see MUCH devastation. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, I ask of you to turn your lives COMPLETELY over to Jesus. Turn away from your sins. Leave your pride behind. Go forward to Jesus. The Holy Spirit has been coming upon many of My children, but you all must be receptive vessels for this too occur.

I tell you, pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Where, my children, are your EARS, as you do not HEAR?

Where are your EYES, as you do not SEE?

Where are your HEARTS, as you do not LOVE?

Give love and compassion to ALL of your neighbors. Live your lives for God, and allow those around you to experience this love of yours, and reach out and capture their hearts for God.

Your time to come back to Jesus is not slowing down. Your chances you have been given to tell all the world about Jesus is coming to a close. You will answer to God for all your evil deeds, your materialistic lives. Your sin, vile sin, your turning your backs on God, will NOT be tolerated. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

As you walk the Passion of My Son Jesus, remember He died for you, so your sins may be forgiven and you may enter the gates of Heaven. Give all your problems to God and have a happy heart, my dear children. God awaits for the worst sinner to just ASK for forgiveness. Why do you wait? Come to God NOW! Please, my children, tell this to all you meet.

Now, my children, I have requested that safe havens be built, a refuge for all my children to be safe at. I have spoken with my daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) about acquiring these lands so our Faithful Remnant will have a safe place in which to stay. There are many properties to be made ready for you, my faithful children.

I ask at this time for you to pray for these lands to become available for their purchase. For those who can donate funds, or to help in **funding, (please) help in developing of these properties, as these will be places for YOU, for all my faithful children, to go to when the time arises for you to leave your homes. Your angel will tell you when it is time to go. These safe refuges, will be safe from nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical attacks. These will also be safe from government invasions. The whole property will be protected with my Motherly Mantle and Jesus' Sacred Heart, as we unite in battle that is soon to commence upon your world. This will be as a protective dome above and around these properties. Your air, water and land cannot be penetrated by nuclear, chemical and bacterial warfare. You will all be protected from the Evil One, and the One-World government who will come to seize you, but will be blinded by the Holy Spirit. Please, my children, open your hearts and aid in securing these safe refuges for all of my children. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, again I beg of you to pray, sacrifice, and fast, for peace in Europe. If the United States, with NATO, bombs the Serbians in Kosovo, you may know that Albania, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece WILL become involved. If this occurs, the Reds will be waiting to strike the United States. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!! This may well be a World War, as nations will take up arms against nations.

Go in Peace and Love and give all your TRUST to God. He will aid and supply all your needs.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

( end of 3/20 message )

**Note: Any Remnant Faithful who are in a position to donate land or group together funds for refuges, please contact Patricia Mundorf. Understand that she will have no financial control over funds, only spiritual control, in that she will seek the Blessed Mother's approval for each area of land offered as a refuge, then Patricia may visit the area in person to pray with the volunteers. Mrs. Mundorf will not occupy such donated refuges, herself, nor have any financial interest nor control over same.

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