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[ April 6th 1999 ]

APRIL6th 1999

Mary said: "My dear children of the world, today, as I come to you as Mother of the World. I come with much sadness on my Heart. My Son, Jesus, is very saddened by this newest use of arms,--that the United States is using to try to bring peaceful solutions to the Balkans.

My dear children, many times I have spoken to you and warned you of the consequences that could come if the United States began a battle over Kosovo, and used the air strikes against Yugoslavia. This, indeed, has occurred. Now you face the possibility of the Red countries coming to the defense of this evil leader. The United States must watch its back and sides now, as they will not know from where their enemies come. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

The United States has made its point clear. Now give this leader the chance to pull back his forces. Do not worry over your PRIDE. Do not DESPAIR. Have peace and love of neighbor in your hearts.

My dear children, I beg of you to go out into your world, now, before it is too late, and tell the people of the world about my Son, Jesus, and how He died for the world's sins. Tell all about the Loving , kind and Merciful brother they have, and how Jesus waits to hear from them. Tell them all about how God Loves them and just waits to be asked for His forgiveness.

Today, I am requesting of you to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily at the three o'clock afternoon time in YUGOSLAVIA. You can adjust your times so it is set to their time area. Please, my children, do this for peaceful solutions with Yugoslavia, and pray these prayers daily at this time until there is peace in that country. Then I will ask you to continue the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily at three o'clock in the afternoon at your own time areas, for peace in these other countries that battle, and for an end to the murders of all the innocent unborn children in your world, for there to be an end to ALL abortions. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, many of you ask, ÎWhere is God's saving grace, for all these people being killed?' God DOES hear and answer prayers. Do you know how many MORE deaths there would have been if your prayers did not mitigate this? And even though God waits for you to call on Him, many do not think to thank Him for all He HAS done. My dear children, many of these events have been written and MUST occur.

I spoke in Fatima to the children and told them of events to occur. God made the miracle of the sun occur to prove to the many doubters. Why do you think I come now, to tell you of these events? I am continuing here, and speak as I did in Fatima. I have given you many signs; Jesus has given many healings. Graces are given to my children.

Why do you not hear what I say ?

Why do you not open your hearts to you neighbor?

Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

The material things of this world that you have made into gods will not purchase rewards for you with the Father. Yes, my dear children, you live in your world, with your conveniences and comforts, but just as the people of Kosovo and many other countries have found, they can be gone in a MOMENT.

Many disasters will occur in your world, and many of you will lose these conveniences and comforts. I beg of you, my dear children, pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love. Go in Peace and Love."

(End of 4/6/99 message)

Note: Any Remnant Faithful who are in a position to donate land or group together funds for refuges, please contact Patricia Mundorf. Understand that she will have no financial control over funds, only spiritual control, in that she will seek the Blessed Mother's approval for each area of land offered as a refuge, then Patricia may visit the area in person to pray with the volunteers. Mrs. Mundorf will not occupy such donated refuges, herself, nor have any financial interest nor control over same. As Pat and her husband Bill will be driving form Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA around May 22, any groups in the area between the two cities during that time-frame can have Mrs. Mudorf stop by and give a presentation.

Patricia Mundorf is otherwise available to speak to your group outside of the above travel area and times in different cities if you wish to contact her. All she requires is travel expenses for her and her husband and place for them to stay that allows full handicapped access. The Mundorfs will bring the statue of Our Lady of Fatima that exhibits tears of blood.

You may contact Mrs. Mundorf directly at:

Mrs. Patricia Mundorf
8608 W. Heatherbrae Dr,
Phoenix Az 85037
Tel: (602) 873-0561 (leave message if no answer)

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