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MAY 2TH 1998

Mary said, "My dear children, today, I, The Mother of the World, The Mother of your End of Times, come to thank all of my children for all the devotions you have made to Jesus and me. All your prayers and fasting have touched Our Hearts and has earned you many graces.

My children, there is so much evil in your world today. So many more prayers are needed to compensate for all the evil. Even in your churches, there is much division. It pierces my Son's Heart to see this happen. Please, my children, PRAY for your churches and holies! (priests and Pope)

Pope John Paul II has much anguish over all the End Times predictions. Pray, pray, PRAY! Do NOT pray for your End Times to come upon you yet. There are too many souls that need to be saved. This will be hard for many of you, as you know of the evil in your world and want it to stop, but do NOT pray for this to happen.

Pray for the Lost Souls who do not have the fear of what is to come to them soon. My Son has said, many times, ' are not to try to find the time of the Father's coming...." You are wasting your prayer-time doing this.

My children, I will be giving you guidelines of time frames to expect certain events and what you should be doing to prepare for these events. There will never be any DATES given to you, just your signs to follow, and know the time is SOON. I have asked Patricia to write this for me. You may then use this as a reference to guide you as events occur. I have told her she may accept donations for my mission, as I have instructed her.

I have seen the prayer pamphlet that I asked to be written. Thank you, my children, for your response to this effort of hers. I have given my children a prayer to Jesus, written by myself. Thank you, children!

On May 13th, you will celebrate my coming to the three children in Fatima. That was the beginning of the visitations to my children. My children, my Son, Jesus, asks for a day of prayer around the world on May 13th. I ask you to visit Jesus in the tabernacles of the world, and that if for any reason you cannot partake of Communion, then please make a spiritual Communion. Do this on memory of my Son, Jesus, for World Peace, Conversion of Sinners, and Unity in His Church.

My children, beware of the Dark Forces around you, those who try to tempt you, to lead you to sin. Cast the evil OUT of your lives, give your lives TOTALLY to Jesus. Know that He loves you VERY much. Remember, He gave His life to save YOURS.

My children, after this month of May, you will begin to see many signs in the heavens and on the earth. Many of these are NOT from God. The Evil One is trying to tempt you away from God by showing signs of how great he is, and what HE can do. Know in your hearts what comes from GOD can only produce GOOD.

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children! Take your Rosaries in hand and pray this month of May for Peace and Conversions. Give love to ALL,--this is as your Jesus does.

My children, I beg you, look AROUND you. What soul did you NOT save? What prayers did you FORGET to say? What good deed has gone UNFULFILLED? Please my children, make GODLY time, not worldly time.

I bless you all with my Motherly Love.

Thank you, for answering my calls to you."

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MAY 8TH 199

Mary said: "My dear children, I, your Mother of the World, come to you as God allows, so I may teach you of the ways to Salvation, and to also warn you of the times to come. You have been so wonderful in accepting my requests, yet you fight amongst your brethren, about WHO, Jesus and I come to, or WHO is 'true' or 'false.' THIS IS NOT FOR YOU TO SAY, without proof of condemnation by the Church.

My children, be cautious! Many of you have lead others astray, causing them to lose graces by saying who YOU feel is 'true' or 'false,' when you really do NOT know. You are committing a sin. Yes, my children you are to discern, but NOT to lead others astray.

Let those who want to believe, BELIEVE. They will gain the graces EITHER WAY. Even your churches will discern, but many are very wrong. These will SUFFER for their disbeliefs.

Why do you think Jesus and I come to so MANY now, at THIS time of your world? God is allowing Us to save as many of His children as We possibly can, for His Son's time to reign is coming SOON! We want to save as many souls as We can from the evil that will befall those who do not believe in God.

My children, there are parents and children against each other, brother against sister, priests not in union with their Church. Great apostasies are in your Church.

PRAY, my children, for your Pope, John Paul II, as I tell you, many are taking over in his house. Pope John Paul II's first man asks to be the next pope. Pray much that this does NOT happen as he is NOT in unity with the Pope.

Remember my children, a Pope is a Pope for LIFE! Many evil forces are in the Vatican, to take over when the time is ripe. Pray for those who are loyal to Pope John Paul II. Pray much for those who were killed this week; things are NOT as they seem.

My children, I ask you to fast and repent of your sins, go to Confession and receive Communion. Partake of your Sacraments, my children. Soon they will be taken from you, slowly, but assuredly. You will not be allowed to worship as you have been.

Do NOT, my children let Israel give up its 13% of their land. Pray much that this does not happen, as then your Middle East countries will be at WAR. God said He would save His chosen people, the Israelites, yet they broke their alliance with God when they crucified His Son, Jesus. They DID break the covenant, yet God will keep His word and save His Chosen, even though they have NOT earned this.

When there is 60% of the Chosen in Israel, then your signs will happen quickly.

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children! Go out and teach God's Word. Read your Gospels and turn your lives over to God. You must rid yourselves of all evil, and turn your lives over to God,--He awaits you,--just ask Him into your hearts.

My children, many of you are asking, 'How would Jesus prefer us to receive Communion, His Body?' Jesus would prefer that you receive on the tongue, but you are to follow Church teachings. Many of our children feel themselves on the same level of holiness as the priest, and do not even bow before receiving my Son's body.

My children, my Son DIED for you. Can you not bow to HIM?! This pierces my heart children. No one, not even Our visionaries, are on a level to ONE of Jesus' priests, yet you act as if YOU are a priest.

Many priests ARE causing apostasy in their Church over so much confusion and not being taught as they should have been. PRAY my children. Go in the world and heal, not only yourselves, but others. Show love and compassion to your brothers and sisters.

Thank you, my children, I give you My Motherly Blessing for all. And for all the mothers of the world, God grants you an extra grace."

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MAY 15TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, why do so many of you not make full use of your Sacraments? How many of you practice going to Confession once or twice a year? Do you think yourselves SINLESS? Do you think you can hide your sins from Jesus? Please, my children, He wishes to forgive your sins, to have you remain as pious as you may, so when He DOES return for you, He may take you to be with Him.

Be prepared at all times. Receive your Sacraments as often as you may, my children; ask of Jesus, He waits to forgive all sin. Pray, Pray, PRAY. Love your neighbors and lead them to Jesus. We come to many, so MANY may be saved from the fires of Hell, from the fires that will consume your earth.

Why do you focus so much on your earthly treasures you have stored for yourselves? Do you think that will merit you, in your way to being with the Father? Take pity on those who do not have even a meal. Give of your alms, that many may be fed. So many are starving in so many countries, can you not spare SOME of your alms for them?

This year will show a loss in many of your crops, but many will flourish,--you will stockpile for your own selves. What of these other countries? What can YOU do to help? I am sure most of my children can afford to give one half of one percent of their wage to feed the hungry. Would you ignore Jesus? See Jesus in each person you encounter, even those you do not love. Pray, my children.

My children, I ask you NOT to fear your End Times. If you keep yourselves as pious as you possibly can, your chastisements will be slight. You WILL answer for your own sins at the Seat of God,--you may atone NOW and lessen what will be given to you at that time.

God does NOT wish to harm His children, but as time goes on, many WILL deny Him, and they WILL be punished. You will be given many chances to be with Jesus before His Second Coming. Repent NOW and you will not have to go thru the worst of the prophesied events that will come upon Man.

How HARD is it to have a clean soul? How HARD is it to Love God and obey His Commandments? I BEG of you, my children, turn your lives around NOW or you will RUE THE DAY when the prophesied events occur.

How many of you my children know of others who worship other gods, the gods of commercialism, your media, entertainment, pleasures of the flesh, and money.? I tell you, REPENT of these NOW,--while there is time!

My Heart is in pain for the love you deny My Son. My children, right now many of you are realizing the chastisements being brought to your world. Fires, drought, severe weather changes, near wars. These events have all been prophesied. Please my children, I BEG you to pray much for the Peace of ALL Nations, as there is so much hatred among these peoples, their god is one of power and money.

So many of you speak of the Anti-Christ, and say he is taking power. I tell you this now: the Anti- Christ can NOT take power as long as Jesus' Church, His faithful on earth, are on this earth. He will come to power when HIS Church, has been raised to the clouds. This is something you will find explained for you in the letters I have given my daughter here to write for the Preparation for the End Times book, with a sequence of order,--NO dates given, other than time-frames for some of the prophesied events. No one but the Father knows WHEN the end of your times will occur. But, my children, do NOT wait for that day, as your day could be ANY day. Pray MUCH, my children, and be prepared at all hours.

I bless all those who read these messages.

Go in Love and Peace of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

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MAY 1998


First, to everyone who reads Mary's Messages, I must apologize, from the depths of my heart for leading anyone on the wrong path. I had read it being said in e-mail that Mary's messages, particularly of last week, were against Church teaching.

Being human, I felt a bit angry, that anyone could possibly think Mother Mary would say anything against her Church.

I prayed, and prayed, and asked Mary to help me out, to be able to fight for what she said last week. I am very surprised and saddened by what Our Blessed Mother has told me (below). I ask you to forgive me, and to pray for me, that this can never happen again..

Thank you.

The humble servant of the Two Hearts,

Patricia Mundorf

MAY 18th 1998


Mary said "My Dear daughter, Pray, Pray, PRAY!

I your, Mother of the World, would NEVER go against my Son's Church! You have asked and I have now seen where there are mistakes in the messages that you write from me, your Mother. This, I tell you, comes from the Evil One, who lurks and waits for any opening to lure our children away from their Faith, to lead them off the path to God.

YOU, my child, have NOT asked of the angels I gave you, Qadhos and Ir, to help you fight your battles on earth, to be with you during my visitations with you.

Pray MUCH, my daughter, as the Evil One waits at every corner to take your soul, and cause confusion in my children's lives. Also, your mind has not been totally given over to me when I come to you; you have been, in your subconscious, worrying over your earthly problems, and distracted, and thus have given the Evil One his entry to interject, as he wishes, into your writings from me.

You must pray more during your writings and have less distractions around you, and to clear your mind of worldly events.

I will come to you again, and we will go over the latest messages and my End Times preparation letters, to find any errors that have been interjected by the Evil One. Then you may rewrite the messages I give to you for the world.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

Please, my dear daughter, send this to all the world so they may understand that the Evil One has crept into your writings from me, Your Mother of the World.

Go in Peace and Love , my dear. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!"

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MAY 22th 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, the Mother of the World, come to teach you about praying.

When you pray, pray from your HEART. Concentrate on what your prayers are, what you are saying to God. Prepare yourself a place to pray, free of distractions. Yes, there are times you will be distracted, but if you willfully give in to these time and again, then your prayers become as a curse to you.

Put yourself in God's presence, look at an Image of Jesus, and say your prayers. These prayers you say are a pleasure to God, but when you become distracted by not saying your prayers reverently and devoutly from the heart, then the Devil takes that prayer with him; they then become meaningless prayers.

When you say your Rosary, concentrate on your Mysteries. It is very easy for you to become distracted while doing repetitious prayers. THINK of the words you are speaking. Speak from your HEART. Do other prayers that need to be read,--that way you may concentrate on what you are saying. You also may write down your own devotions to God. This takes much concentration. Do all of this in Love.

God so Loves you, He created you, and he gave you free will. He does not MAKE you pray or be obedient children, this is your free will.

My children, Pentecost is coming soon, and I know so many of you are preparing for this with prayers. Have you thought to bring along another soul to church? Not just on Pentecost, but tomorrow? This could be a soul you save from Hell.

The Holy Ghost waits to come upon you. Can you open your hearts for Him, and get to know a burning Love of God?

Open up your HEARTS, my children, for many wondrous times are coming to you soon. Be prepared. Pray, Pray, PRAY!

I have told you, my children, of the violent weather changes, the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, earth falling into the water, tidal waves, and rioting in your countries. Have you not heard what has happened the past few weeks? Pray, my children, PRAY!

My children, as your times are about to unfold as many prophets have foretold, read your Gospels. They contain what you need to know. Everything has been revealed to you in your Bible. PREPARE YOURSELVES AS YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE!

Have you had a TRUE Confession? Have you REALLY repented the way GOD would want?

Now, my children, you MUST go out and PROFESS your Faith! This is for you to share HAPPILY with others. There are MANY in hospitals, nursing homes, and homeless shelters, that need your love and prayers.

I ask you to PRAY, deeply, to get to know your GOD. To love Him as HE Loves you. Make a good, THOROUGH Confession, and take Communion in love and reverence of God.

Reflect, my children, on what Pentecost is, why it is, and ask yourselves, WHAT DOES PENTECOST MEAN IN YOUR LIVES?

Remember, my children, '...Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven....'


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MAY 27TH 1998

Mary said: "My Dear children, I, the Mother Of The World, ask you to pray, Pray, PRAY, as never before! Fast, receive the Eucharist, for your Times are soon to come upon you, as prophesied in the Gospels!

Your prayers are much needed,--throughout the world,--as your Government of the United States has taken a stand which it can NOT back down from, leaving itself wide-open for a NUCLEAR war.

So many countries are ready to fire upon your forces, and this is cause for much concern.

Pray, my children, PRAY!! Make sacrifices!!.

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MAY 29TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children. I, the Mother of the World, am so saddened to come to you today with such heart-breaking news. Many countries are showing their 'power,' to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Many more countries are also arming themselves; many are RE-arming.

There are so MANY who want to make war,--such HOSTILITY towards each other! Look next to the Middle East countries, then the Asian countries. Then, in an attempt to stop this madness, many large, powerful countries will join in. This will be your LAST World War.

My children, I come to you to BEG of you to PRAY, to mitigate this horrendous situation! Too many countries feel they MUST arm themselves. Fast, pray, remember your Sacraments. This war will be the LAST war. Pray to stop the nuclear bombardments before they BEGIN. My children, how long do you think God will hold back His hand once this starts?

I beg of you also to respect all religions. You can do much teaching here, as most have no knowledge of the Gospels. When you teach in love and respect, these peoples will learn to also love and respect all religions. This, my children will be a start to a world of Peace.

Show love, kindness, understanding,--share the Gospels to these peoples who have never heard them. You talk of how most of the world 'knows the Gospels.' This, I tell you, is UNTRUE. Most of the world has never read or heard of the Gospels.

PRAY, my children, become as the Apostles were. Teach your Gospels, love your Gospels, and learn from them, My children.

You ask of receiving my Son's Body in the hands and then giving it to yourselves. WHY? You are to do as the Church in Rome teaches. Why do you feel you NEED to hold the Body of Jesus?

Yes, my Son, Jesus, said "...take this Bread,...this is My Body, this is memory of Me...," and he gave the Apostles the Bread and they ate this Bread and drank of His cup. They were Jesus' APOSTLES, His appointed, to carry on Jesus' work, --His priests, as you call them. Let NO person with UNCONSECRATED HANDS touch my Son's CONSECRATED BODY. The ONLY time this should be allowed is in times of persecution and war, where a Mass cannot be said. The Hosts will be consecrated in hiding and handed to the faithful, other than on a battlefield, who may receive from many sources.

At this time now, there are many countries who cannot celebrate a Mass, many children rarely receive the Eucharist, thus, Communion in the hand and self-communication is allowed, and necessary."

JESUS interjected, "I appointed My Apostles to '...Do this in memory of Me....' The Apostles then passed this teaching on to many others, as to the priests of today. You MUST do as My Mother asks of you, as I have taught."

Mary continued, "This was allowed by your Church, but not for abuses as have happened. I beg of you to pray, and then to ask yourselves why you feel you are equal to an ordained PRIEST, who follows as the Apostles, whose hands are blessed to handle the Body and Blood of Jesus.

So many of you have such INDIFFERENCES in reverence to Jesus' Body! Do you BOW to Jesus? WOULD you bow to Jesus when he comes again, or will you stand as an EQUAL ?!!

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children!!

I know today, as I come to you, I am harsh, but I AM your Mother of the World, who would NEVER teach you wrongs.

I love you my children , and teach you with a MOTHER'S love.

Go in Peace and much Love."

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