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JUNE 6TH 1998

Mary said: "My Dear Children, today I, your Mother of the World, come to you again, as I did in Rue Du Bac, to St. Catherine. I come to warn you of a war that is impending. Pray, Pray PRAY, my children, that this ïethnic cleansing' of Albanians does not go into Macedonia, as, if this happens, Greece and Turkey will become involved and then major countries will become involved. The world will be in much chaos.

My children, I have told you before of your End Times events to take place. Look to your heavens. The rain of fire will consume your Earth to its final cleansing. Everything will be cleansed by fire and a new Earth and heavens will take place, a rebirth of your world, a springtime of youth, and Jesus will walk among you.

Remember to keep yourselves in or near a state of Grace, by keeping your Sacraments of Confession and Communion, doing penance, sacrifice and fasting, as by doing this you bring favor from God. He LOVES you, His Children, and only wants to make you happy. So by staying close to God and following His Commandments and the teachings of His Son, you are pleasing God, your Heavenly Father.

I am going to ask you, my children, to sacrifice this week, to pray your Rosary, and attend Mass. Receive your Sacraments and pray much, as this will tell if you are to be in a war which will kill MILLIONS. Your prayers can mitigate and stop this situation, and bring favor from God. Much prayer is needed to stop this holocaust.

Man can NOT go on doing all the grave sins that are being committed. I beg your Father to hold back, to give me more opportunity to save more of His children. Now I am asking YOU for much prayer!

Children, you can mitigate this impending war and your beginning of the End Times, as you have hurt God so much.

Look to your Trinity. You have been celebrating the Holy Spirit in the Trinity. Call on the Holy Spirit to help you in these times. --Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

When you visit my Son, Jesus, do you think of His suffering on the cross? Do you think of the suffering His Father went through in allowing this to happen to His Beloved Son, that He sent down to save your world? Do you think of the Holy Spirit then?

Read your Gospels, my children, learn from them, and teach them to others. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

You have made me very happy with your prayers and the sacrifices I have asked of you. This also is pleasing to Jesus, Who loves you so much.

Have a happy heart, my children. Thank God for all He has given you, the good AND the bad. Thank Him for your sufferings, as they will gain you many graces.

My children, I thank you for listening with your hearts to my words.

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with my Motherly Love."

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JUNE 12TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today I come to you as Mother of the World, again as I did to St. Catherine in France, at Rue Du Bac, as the Mediatrix of all Graces.

My Son, Jesus, said on November 7,1997, that He would allow many graces and miracles to come from these white rose petals that my daughter [ Patricia Mundorf] has planted, at my request, in her yard. We have allowed graces, cures, and some miracles to come from them. You just need to pray and believe that God will let this happen for you. Not all those who ask will have miracles, or cures; it must be in the Father's Plan, His Will, and you must accept His Will.

I come in much joy today, for so many of my children have been praying, fasting and sacrificing for the problems of the ethnic cleansing of the Albanians I asked of you. Much more prayer is needed. This will be a crisis for Europe at this time. You need to pray for Peace and for justice to be fair.

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children, for by prayer you are speaking to God, Jesus and myself, We hear all prayers. God answers in His time, NOT your time.

I ask you to adore my Son, Jesus, in the tabernacle, and monstrance; visit with Him, speak with Him, pray to Him, as many graces are given at these times. Enjoy being with Jesus. There will come a time soon, when this will not be a daily possibility.

My children, in your times to come, many of you will be persecuted for your love of God. Know that if you die in a state of grace while being persecuted, you will be raised up to be with Jesus as He comes again. Many of you are being persecuted now, for your love of Jesus. Your priests and all your Holies, need much prayer now, to help them in the confusion they are in now. There will be much more confusion as the evil ones run rampant in your churches. Pray, my children, PRAY. The smoke has been in your church, and the Masons are readying for their chance to take over. They are you beloved ones, whom you trust.

Many of our visionaries and prophets are being persecuted for what they are told to reveal to Our children. This is as it must be, as it has been foretold to you in Scripture, and God will deal with those who break His Commandments.

My children, do not cling to your earthly treasures. Soon they will be gone. Cling to your scriptures, your prayers, as this is what will help you in the times to come upon you so very soon. Lead a pious life in God, do your penance on earth, doing good deeds, and saving souls. When the chastisements are upon you, you may well be saved from much devastation.

Many will be killed for their beliefs, many will be caught and put into camps to get you to take the Mark. My children, if this Mark of the Beast is put onto you unwillingly, your Father will know, so do not fear for your soul if this does happen. Keep God in your hearts and in your conscience.

During these chastisements and Tribulation, many of you will leave your homes and gather where the Holy Spirit takes you for safety. Follow the light. You will be chastised on the way, but keep prayers on your lips and you will persevere to safety as the Tribulation comes down on your Earth.

My children, We love you all so very much, and just ONE lost soul, means so much to Jesus, it pierces His Heart. But if this soul deliberately denies Jesus, then he will die a horrible death. This is why We come to so many and beg you to pray, fast, and to save souls by showing them the Love of Jesus, and the scriptures.

My children, it so pleases Us to see so many of Our children with statues, sacramentals, and devotions in their homes, and upon their person. This helps to keep your focus on your prayers, and less on the evils of life. So many have not put their crucifixes above their doors, to help keep Satan away from your doorstep. I wish to ask you also to keep a candle lit, so you may remember the poor souls in Purgatory, who need your prayers.

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children! Be watchful, as soon your End Times will be upon you like a thief in the night. So much has been mitigated by your prayers, fasting, sacrifices, Communions, and Masses, but my children, look to your weather, to nature, as that is how you can tell the beginning of the End. Look to your skies. Tell all my children of your love of God and His Love of you. He forgives all, just ask Him. He is waiting for you!

Go in Peace and Love.

I bless all of you with My mother's love.

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JUNE 14TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, I come as Mother of the World to warn you, to BEG of you to pray, as I have for many years in many countries. I have told you repeatedly of the evils in your churches,--do you think I was NOT warning you? These evils have manifested themselves and have already reigned almost 40 years, as I had warned before.

Oh, my children, pray MUCH for your Pope, John Paul II, and his cardinals! Pray, Pray, PRAY!! You will soon know how divided your Church has become.

Pray MUCH, my children, as the evil is about to unleash itself in your churches.

You have abused your freedoms,--heresy is everywhere, many of your clergy do not respect the Holy Canons and are disrespectful of the Laws of the Church,--there has been too much ease in human and Divine precepts. This is as the evil ones want, they are in their GLORY over your following man and not God in your Church. They have caused much confusion and dissension in your churches. They represent a lack of respect for the Body and Blood of my Son, Jesus, in your Eucharist.

Be forewarned, for YOUR TIME IS ABOUT TO BEGIN.

Pray, my children, PRAY!! Your Pope, John Paul II, has been trying for years to bring the Church back to its TRUE Church for all. This cannot be done as easily as you may think. He is not alone. I have given many warnings about this event, I have given many secrets to many, and yet, you STILL follow evil.

Will it take much more disasters and calamities to occur, before you will listen and turn your lives around to God.?

YOUR FATHER IS ABOUT TO STRIKE! --PLEASE, my children, CHANGE your ways, AMEND your lives, turn yourselves OVER to God, before it is TOO LATE!

Prayer can mitigate the chastisements that will be given to you, and will give you more time. But your time is about to come to a HORRIFIC end if you refuse to listen and amend your lives NOW.

Go in Peace and Love. I place my Mantle of Love around you, my dear children.

Your Heavenly Father loves you so VERY much! COME to Him. ASK His forgiveness."

( Mary had showed me a pentagram, and there was an altar by it. Men were crumbling the Host and dumping, what I took to be wine, on the altar, and one was laughing, harsh and deep-voiced, and said, "The Body and Blood of Christ, be DAMNED!!," while men and women were dancing around this altar, spitting on it, laughing and singing something I couldn't make out, and using knives to poke at these Hosts and pieces of Hosts. Under all this mess was a man, old, and white-haired, who had blood and Host pieces all over him, and these people were poking him with knives. One man, with a dark cape and something on his head, had a big knife raised in the air, point down, holding it with both hands, as if he was going to thrust this knife into the old man, while saying something I couldn't understand.

Then the old man said, " Patris, misere nobis. " I was then again in Mary's presence, and she gave me the above message to give to all the world.

The old man looked like Pope John Paul II. -Patricia Mundorf )

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JUNE 19th 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, I, your Mother Of The World, come to you with much love and happiness for all your prayers and devotions to My Son, Jesus' Sacred Heart, that you have shown this day, Thank you my children. Oh, my children, how My Jesus waits for your prayers, for when you speak to Him and offer thanks, He is so HAPPY! This is what Jesus WANTS from you, to love Him, to ask for His help, in all you do. He wants to walk beside you, and to carry you when you need to be lifted. He loves your childlike qualities in your prayer, the humbleness when you speak to Him. Give yourselves over totally to Jesus. TRUST in Jesus, He will always be there for you, as you are never alone.

My children, your prayers have mitigated so much of your weather troubles occurring all through the world. Your Father is a Father of Love, and Mercy, and Forgiveness. He is a kind and just Father; He hears all prayer and answers all prayer, but in HIS time, not YOUR time. It is HIS Will that will be done.

I have told you, my children, that ïno,' is an answer. The Father has a reason for everything. All your bad weather events have been a warning from God. He wants the unbelievers and sinners to change their hearts, and amend their lives, to come to Him, their Father, to know that there IS a God.

Many of My children have been busy sharing their love of God, and God's Love and Mercy for all, to many children. You have been bringing many souls to God, showing them the path to take for their salvation. Heaven is singing for you children, and praying for you also. Have courage and strength, and pray, Pray, PRAY!!

My children, I ask you to continue to fast two times a week if you are of good health. Bread and water fast is a sign of love to God, as the bread is what Jesus gave his disciples, and the water is the water of life, the saving waters. But you may add things to the bread and water: I have seen many use jellies, fruits, and juices can be used,--anything you make with water can be used to drink.

There are many who can not fast of just bread and water, for their health. God knows this, He is an All-Knowing God. You can just abstain from meats, or other foods that you rely on. This is your sacrifice.

When you fast or sacrifice, do this for the countries that are in conflict all through your world. Pray that they may work their indifferences out, without the use of weapons. There are so many who want to take power from other countries, to build up themselves, and do not want to be in harmony.

My children, I ask you to please have compassion for all your priests and holy men, even if you know in your hearts they are wrong, you MUST pray for them! Many are not in union with Pope John Paul II. They are trying to break the unity with Rome. Such a split can harm Jesus' Church. These men do not want the way of Christ in their church, but the ways of MAN. They have acquired a wrong sense of loyalty to other religions.

Yes, my children, you ARE to love all religions and all people, just as Jesus Loves them. Pray, pray, pray MUCH, my children, this is NOT the Church Jesus founded, for if this occurs, it will be disastrous to the many children who will follow out of blind faith

My children, even your Pope, John Paul II, must submit to others before he can speak. Pray for him and those in Rome who sit in union with him, that they have the strength to persevere. He wants the Church to be in union, as One Catholic Church, but he has many to answer, and cannot say as he feels.

My children, have your souls prepared at all times to be Judged. Do penance while on earth for your sins, to abate your time in Purgatory.

Go in love and peace.

I Bless you with My Motherly Love."

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JUNE 20th 1998

Starting Saturday, June 20, 1998, two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the home of Roman Catholic visionary Patricia Mundorf, at 8608 West Heatherbrae Drive, in Phoenix, Arizona, began to bleed an unidentified red fluid from the eyes.

Patricia asked the Blessed Mother what this phenomena signifies.

Mary said: "I have cried tears of blood, for all the sins against my Son, Jesus, for all the atrocities man has committed. You, my daughter, had asked for a miracle to occur to make people believe, and I have told you they must have faith. I have cried these tears of blood upon your statues of me as a sign for all the world to see how their sin hurts their Mother." (end of message)

The Diocese of Phoenix is now investigating, sending a priest to take samples of the red liquid from the statues. Results are pending. The local video media was also there and videotaped the statues, and their videos were aired in various Phoenix-area news broadcasts.

Mrs. Mundorf has weekly apparitions at her home every Friday in the early afternoon, except the first week of the month, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to her on First Saturday, instead. First Saturdays in the Catholic Church are special days of devotion to the Mother of God.

The public faithful are invited to attend the apparitions at Mrs. Mundorf's home every First Saturday and also on every Friday in the remaining three weeks of the month.

You ca view the pictures of the Bleeding Statue at: Here not local

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JUNE 26TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, I, the Mother Of The World, come to ask of you to pray much, for all the sins committed in your world .

There are so many Prayer Warriors out there who are saving souls. Oh, my children, this makes my Son, Jesus' Heart a happy heart. BUT, there are many MORE people who have been led down the wrong path in their lives. So many of my children worship the IDOLS of sex and money. They have no love of their neighbor, ONLY the love of self-love. Your society has become a ïME-FIRST' society, not even caring for their children or parents, but for what they themselves can have and do. Pray, Pray, PRAY!

Look around you, my children. Take in with your eyes and ears ALL that GOD has created for you. Slow down your lives, and turn your lives over to GOD ----COMPLETELY. All your worries and unhappiness you should turn over to God, HIS WILL to be done. Give of yourselves, and pray, my children.

I want to teach you more today on prayer. Prayer is NOT just your recited prayers, but in your conversations with God. Talk to God as you speak to your family and friends. Prayer also is in kind acts you do for others. In performing these acts of kindness, a simple good deed, this also is a form of prayer.

I ask of all my children to do at least one act of kindness each day, a kind word, to one who suffers or is angered, holding a door open for a stranger, a smile to a stranger who is frowning. These acts of kindness are a way, a beginning, of showing to others of your love for them. This can open up many opportunities for you to evangelize for God, to tell others of Jesus and His great acts of Love , Mercy and Kindness.

I ask you all to pray for the conversion of hearts. There are too many hearts out in the world that are bleeding in pain who need you. Many have such stone-cold, rock-solid hearts, my children. Pray for these poor hearts. Reach out BEYOND your circle of family and friends and bring these children back to God. It's very easy to pray for those who love you, but remember, my children, you need to pray for those you do NOT know. AND your enemies.

I ask you to pray also for ALL the countries in crises in the world, for peaceful negotiations in all countries that are fighting, or ready to fight. Pray that the PRIDE of these nations be laid aside, and that they will negotiate.

You talk of weather differences and calamities. My children, do you not know that God is holding back His hand at this time? God is holding back from destroying this world out of His Love and Mercy for you. Pray, Pray, PRAY! This can be mitigated with prayer.

My children, what MORE must Jesus do to have your love?

Pray much, my children, for all your priests and Holies (all the ordained ). Pray for your Pope, John Paul II, as he has a lot on his shoulders to bear for his people.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my call for prayers. Pray your Rosary, confess your sins, and receive Communion. Honor my Son's Body in all the tabernacles of the world.

I bless all articles you have brought, and I bless you with my Motherly Love.

Do not despair, put your trust in my Son, Jesus.

Go in Love and Peace, my children. And Pray, Pray, PRAY!"

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