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Message from Jesus 9-2-99

My dear child, I your Jesus of Mercy come to you today to ease your mind over your worries. You have done well child, for My Mother. I thank you for all of your sufferings you have endured for My sake. All of Heaven watches over you. You have been led thru many trials in these last 4 years of your life. My Mother will continue to bring messages to the World thru you. My Mother has asked for this House of Prayer for Me. I promise to you that all who enter this place to pray will be Blessed. Many Special Graces will occur there at your site.

Today, child, I want for you to make this all known, and what all I have written for you.

I am Jesus of Mercy. You shall all be judged by how you have judged on earth. You also will be shown Mercy, as you have shown Mercy. My Love flows to all, and as you love so shall ye be loved. I tell you, "Love God First in your life, then your neighbor " Put My Father in Heaven First in all you do.

Be fervent in prayer, keep the Sacraments. keep yourself in a state of Grace by going to confession. I gave this to my Apostles while on earth.

My Father in Heaven has allowed me to ask of all His children for assistance in saving the hearts of so many of His children. My People, your World is so full of sin, much more so than Sodom and Gomorrah. My Father is very hurt over his children turning from Him. Many do not worship in My church, saying that it is not the True church. My people of the World. I set up this Church ! The Holy Spirit has been with Her in all of the decisions made. Who among you feel you are better than the Holy Spirit ? Many are teaching False doctrines, but NOT from your Pope John Paul ll. The seat of Peter will never lie, nor will the seat of Peter be taken over by the anti-christ.

My People, My Mothers Heart WILL Triumph over evil, but you must know that all of Gods children must be unified in the True Church that I left for you all.

I tell you, there is much evil in your World. Satan has much power and will entice you to come to him. He will use any and all means to have you leave My Church. He can perform miracles. You have heard of him at work in North America. He is trying to gain the confidence of My People with his lies and trickery. BEWARE My Brothers and Sisters. Remember what you have been taught thru the ages. Remember My words of the Last Supper. My children of God, our Father, when you consume my body and blood, I become as ONE with you. I join your soul to me. Why do you carry me around and use me for evil purposes ? You know you are sinning. Such horrors are being done to My consecrated body.

There are many of My people who have been taken in by the master of deceit, who believe in all he says and does. God, My Father would NEVER have any one person leave the church I put in place for you. Nor would My Father, your God, your Father, condemn any soul to hell. God only wants to save all His children. Why do you think He has allowed My Mother to come and warn you.? Because God is all Love for you. At your final judgement if you still turn from God, then your soul will be sent to hell.

My People, Please, I beg of you, Pray, Fast and keep your Sacraments Holy. Honor My Mother as you Honor Me. God has given Her Graces and Miracles to give to Her faithful, those who come in Love and Peace and Prayer.

REPENT NOW ALL YE WHO ARE IN SIN. Know that the time is soon to come. As God stopped sin in Sodom and Gomorrah and in the days of Noah, know NOW that God will stop all sin. Pray much for this mitigation, as God, the Father is very hurt over the world and its sins against Him.

I will come with My Mother here, to My sister, Patricia Mundorf, and will assist her in her life of trying to save souls. I ask all of you to assist her in any way you can. I ask of you to assist My Mother, who only wants to save the souls of the world.

I give you My Peace. Shalom My People. Let your hearts be known to God.

- Below from Pat -

This is the first message given to me by Jesus. He appeared in my bedroom, after he called me. He is so absolutely BEAUTIFUL, His voice is deep yet so very gentle, He had tears in His eyes, deep brown eyes, hair very brown with gold thru it. very soft looking.

I have not let it be known to many people, just some close contacts, but I have been suffering the stigmata, at my request, I hurt all the time. I saw Jesus in pain, and wished I could take away some of His pain. Oh how he must have hurt, all the pains, then to have His followers turn from Him. I think we all know that feeling, when family or friends turn away from you. So anyway, just before Ash Wed I had the stigmata on my head. Then I begged for it not to be seen. I wanted to suffer unknown to others. Just between God and I, Well, it happened, I have been in such pain, Yesterday, I had pains in my chest, that finally got relieved when I prayed to the Holy Spirit, then Jesus came. He said He would remove the stigmata as I have enough of my pain I suffer with for God for the souls in purgatory. I also knew from our Blessed Mother that my time on earth was almost over. I was glad, but Jesus has said that this has been mitigated for some time, by so many prayers for me to live. So to all those that knew, and those that didn't, Thank you for your prayers. Now I have a lot of work ahead of me for Jesus and Mary. Pray I keep up the courage and have the strength to keep on going.

The House of Prayer- Mother asked this for Her Son, for Jesus, Someplace where prayers could be said and candles kept lit all the time. I have a 10 x 10 shed that I will start out in.

I also want to make it known anyone may visit here, and be present for the Visitation of the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother comes on 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 3 p m. here at 710 S. Purdy St, Lyons Kansas, 67554

(End of 9/2/1999 message)


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My Dear Children, today, I your Mother of the world come with such joy over your preparedness for me this day. All of Heaven has been watching and My Son, Jesus has sent many graces to those here present. To all those present in prayer, and all of my children of the world I want to Thank You. I have been among you here for many hours and have heard all of your prayer requests. I take all requests to My Son Jesus. Many will be healed this week. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My Dear Children, I wish to ask of you to remember the unborn who are aborted daily, in your prayers. I beg of you to continue to pray for an end to abortion.

I also ask of you to remember all the souls, in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. Pray for their release. These souls can not pray while in purgatory, so they need your prayers.

I must ask you, My children of America, to pray, Pray, PRAY!!! This month for your country, as it is going to get into another confrontation. This time it will be the Reds, who are ready for a fight and do have arms and other resources available to them to destroy most of North America. If this starts, this will be the beginning of World War III. This is what your leader has made plans for. This is why you see and hear so much of your military making ready. Pray for mitigation of the confrontation, as God is very upset over the affairs of the world He created out of Love for you, His children.

I beg of you, Pray, go to confession, receive my Son's body, read your gospels, sing praises to Jesus. Thank your God for all you are and all you have.

I ask of you to fast and adore My Son in the Holy Eucharist. My dear children, so many of you show no reverence for My Son in the Tabernacle. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I Bless you all and any articles you have brought. I kiss all children.

Go in Peace and Love. I cover you with My Motherly Mantle of Love.

(end of 9/4/1999 message)


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URGENT Mothers Bleeding statue and Message for Sept 15, 1999

The Blessed Mother started to cry tears of blood again yesterday, Tuesday, at about 4:45 p.m. We called the priest, who is my SA and he came with some fancy camera with special lenses, and took pictures, Then a Dr. came in and went to his clinic and got some glass slides, took a smear, and will have the lab at the clinic examine this substance, We WILL have the results today. He also left some slides for if this happens again.

Mother has not bled since Dec 13,1998 when she told us that the US WOULD strike Iraq and the reds would not back us, This happened on Dec. 16,1998 3 days after Mother told us this. She did NOT say it could be mitigated, or may, or could, She stated we WOULD.

This just to get to her message to me today, I Visit with the Blessed Mother every morning. I asked if this was Her crying or from evil, Mother Mary said, it was from Her and I asked Her why?????

Mother Mary said:

My Dear Children , I your Mother of the World, come to you with a very heavy heart . I am so saddened these days. Yes I have shown the world of My sadness by crying tears of blood on the statue of Myself that My daughter has in her home.

My children there are so many evil persons trying to change the church My Son, Jesus has set up for you. Many of these false profits are leading My children astray. I ask you to Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

There is so much evil and killing of all My children, so much injustice in the world, BUT the worst is the Reds are making ready to strike the US. The US is making deals with some of the Red countries, but My children, do not trust these words. Please My Children, Pray, Pray, PRAY that God will mitigate this war. I beg of you all to Pray your rosary and the Divine Mercy.

I have asked My daughter to start a Prayer group, I will lead her in the prayers to be said. Those who can not be with My daughter, I ask that she print up these prayers and you may join her in prayers from where ever you are. These are called prayer cenacles. I ask for many to be formed. I promise to be at every prayer cenacle around the world. I ask of all of you to obtain the prayer booklet that I had My daughter prepare for your end of times, as you will find this helpful in many ways when a priest is not available. I also request for donations to be made for these if at all possible, by those who can afford to donate. These will be free, but My daughter will need your aid.

I beg of you, My children to Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! Spread the words of My Son, Jesus, Spread the word and teachings of the Apostles. Lay away your treasures on earth and begin to build your treasures in Heaven, There is no comparison.

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love, I cover you with the Blood of My Son, Jesus, who shed His blood for you.

The times spoken about in the bible are about to commence. Pray much for mitigation.

Go in Peace and Love .

(end of 9/15/1999 message)


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Mothers Bleeding statue Sept 15, 1999

The Blessed Mother started to cry tears of blood again yesterday, Tuesday, at about 4:45 p.m. We called the priest, who is my SA and he came with some fancy camera with special lenses, and took pictures, Then a Dr. came in and went to his clinic and got some glass slides, took a smear, and will have the lab at the clinic examine this substance, We WILL have the results today. He also left some slides for if this happens again.


The Dr said last night that when he put the slide with the sample he took from our statue of Mary, under the microscope, it had cells, He says this is definitely blood. I asked him if I could have something in writing, and he said yes. Praises being sung to Jesus and Mary. Such an awesome miracle.

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Jesus crying tears of blood --- Sat, Sept 18 1999

At 4:45 last night while my priest was here in the dining room working on a picture of Jesus in the boat with the men and a zillion fishes, I got the tste of blood, we went to see if Mary was crying in the livingroom, No, it wasnt Mary, BUT JESUS crying from His eyes. The priest saw the blood drip also. He put samples on the glass for the Dr. and we put some on a cloth and the rose petals. Theres still a huge drop on Jesus.

I sent this off to Joyce right away and I havent seen it tis morning yet so I thought I would send this out.

May God have Mercy on us and the whole world. God Bless yo all, Pat and Bill Mundorf

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September 18 1999


Mother Mary's Message Sept. 18 1999

My Dear Children,

Today, I, your Mother of the World, come to you with Peace, Love, and Joy. You, my faithful children, have been given much Grace from God for your prayers of mitigation for the storms on your lands of the United States. There was to be much loss of lives, but your prayers mitigated this. Now, my dear children, you need to offer up Thanksgiving Prayers to God, your Father. Remember all that was lost this last week and for the last three storms. Most that was lost was material possessions. My dear children, I ask of you to Pray, Pray, PRAY!!! Store up your treasures will never gain you entrance to God's Kingdom.

My Children, you still need to pray much for the mitigation of wars with the Reds. My dear children of the United States, your leader is trying to mitigate war with the Reds, but this I tell you, the Reds can not be trusted. Once your country has many men killed in Timor, then it will send more troops in for a larger scale war. This I tell you, the Indonesian Army has more men and are more powerful than any other nation. Beware America!!! Pray, Pray, PRAY!!! This can be stopped with Prayer.

I will be giving my daughter the Special Prayers for the Prayer Cenacle I asked about forming. She will get these to my faithful children upon my Instructions.

My dear children, today I will speak about the Safe Havens/Refuges I asked about. I have told you so many are needed for you to be able to travel to the Larger Safe Havens. These are anywhere Jesus or myself have been, and yes, Jesus is present in the Holy Eucharist, so your homes are a Safe Haven/Refuge if Mass or just communion has been in your homes. You do not need to store much if you do not have the funds, as Jesus will multiply for my children, your angels will lead you to these safe places during the Tribulation, as there will be much destruction.

Many will be killed trying to be get to the Refuges, But, this I must tell you. Many of my children are planning on keeping these Safe Haven just for themselves and their family and friends. I tell you this, you must let all who come - enter. Only those of my children who are with God, will be able to see these places and will be lead to them. Remember, you WILL be judged at the end of your time.

My Children, I have asked for Refuges to be built, so many of My children will be together during this horrible time of Tribulation. Find those in your area and help. Ii have asked this many times. I have asked my daughter to build a refuge for Thousands. I have asked for properties, or monies, plus, the building materials, the animals, food, water, shelters for where you will sleep and eat.

There has been but one person to aid her. Many of you have the financial means to help, but yet you worry over your funds. Your funds will not help you in the Tribulation. You may build your own Refuges, and God will keep them safe, but my children, you will have to answer to God in the end! What will your answer be, when God asks why you did not help out His Chosen People? These are places for you, and you will want to go to them. Many of you who have built Refuges, and they are not of God and for God as requested, and you are not with God, well, dear children, this will not be so. As only those who are with God will be safe. Pray, Pray , PRAY!!!

My Son, Jesus has cried tears of blood this week, as He is so sorrowful for what you , His brothers, and sister are doing to the Church He left for you, for the Sacrileges going on with the Holy Eucharist throughout the world, but for what is mostly occurring in the United States with one person who claims God the Father is speaking to him and giving him the Holy Eucharist and selling them. This man has been desecrating these Hosts. He steals many from different Churches. He also purchases these Hosts. God the Father would never go against the Church his Son set up.

My dear children, this is evil, this all comes from the Evil One, and my Son, Jesus, cries over the loss of souls who follow this man. He is leading so many away from my Church that Jesus gave to you.

My dear children, Pray, Pray, PRAY!!! There will soon be such a battle over good and evil in the Church. This can be mitigated. I beg of you, obey your teaching of your Church in Rome, obey Pope John Paul II - He is a chosen one of God's Children. Pray much, attend mass, go to confession, it is much needed and then for you to gain graces, go to Communion, and Please, my children, speak to my children about God the Father and Jesus. How they love you so very much. Look around you at all God created for you. Be happy my children, and do not fear, if you are with God. God the Father is also a just God. He is kind, loving, and merciful, but also a just God. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My Dear Children, I love you so very much for all you do in my name and in the name of my Son, Jesus.

When troubled, or are dry in your prayers, utter the words: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

I bless you all with my motherly mantle of Love. My Son, Jesus, covers you with His Blood. I ask you to focus on the face of Jesus when you pray. Think of how much He loves you.

Go in Peace and Love.

(End of 9/18/1999 message)

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