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AUG 1st 1998

Mary said: " My dear children, I, your Mother Of The World, come to ask you to begin to rely and love your Creator; FEEL Him stirring in your hearts. He is waiting for you to ask Him to be a part of your life. Allow God's infinite Love to flow through your heart, mind and home.

Bring God into every part of your life: your marriage, children, vocation, obligations, friends, neighbors and relatives. Bring God into every purchase or decision you make. This is how to live totally in God's presence.

RELY on God.

PRAY to God.

Put God FIRST in your life.

You will have an immense joy.

God has allowed me the opportunity to appear in many places and to bring these messages to every man, woman and child (there). My children, many of you give these messages to many, and this is how you are doing God's work also. I need to appear to many more to have these messages for the world to reach far into the abyss of your world.

My children, remember as I come to you, to fast, pray, receive your Sacraments, go to Mass, read your Gospels. Learn to have Peace and Love in your hearts at all times.

I will continue with my work on Earth. At some appearances I will leave a sign, to give proof of my existence and concern. Some will have healings to prove my point.

At this place of my Shrine I leave healings and many signs, but much prayer is needed for this Shrine as the Evil One does NOT want this here and does battle with those in charge, who will not admit of the supernatural events happening at my Shrine, here and in other places, where they try to close down the Shrines.

My Children, I beg of you to PRAY, but also to visit these Shrines and help those who need to prove the healings and appearances. Be a witness to God's Love and my Mercy (Jesus). - My Son is so SADDENED at how these places to worship and adore are being closed. I tell you now, the hand of God does MUCH to hold back from you. It is only for the sake of my Remnant that he looks ahead to save more children and gives you many chances. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

I thank you with much joy for your prayers.

I bless you all with my Motherly Love.

Go in Peace, and LOVE."

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Mary said: "My Dear Children, today, as I, your Mother Of The World, come to you, I am in sadness and joy. Joy for all your prayers and sacrifices you have made for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Your prayers are returning many souls back to Jesus. There has been much mitigation done, thanks to all your prayers. I ask you to please CONTINUE to pray for mitigation against these wars.

So many small countries are being antagonized by other small countries, but, my children, I tell you, all of these small countries are being controlled by the much larger powers.

I told you months ago about Iraq, and NOT to trust its words. They have underground hidden roads, factories and storage. This is why they stall, so they can move more things to their underground storage. This leader has no real fear of anyone and he IS a very evil leader.

DO NOT ANGER THIS LEADER, as he has much biological and chemical agents to spread upon you very quickly, and even his nuclear weaponry is similar to what the United States has. He is in the process of making his nuclear armaments better. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children, that the governments involved can negotiate peacefully. There should be no fire- power used for retaliation.

Many of the other countries need your prayers also, as they battle for control. Your larger powers of Asia, Russia, and United States will all become one war, with all these smaller countries. Pray, Pray, PRAY!! Fast and abstain from pleasure, receive your Sacraments of Confession and Communion.

Remember, I asked you for a kind deed every day, a call to a sick person, a letter or card to a homebound person. A child in a hospital could use a small deed; relieve the family and sit for a while with this person, child or adult.

Now, my children, you know that my Son's Sacred Heart Statue at my daughter's home ( Pat Mundorf's ) has bled from His Sacred Heart. I tell you, His Heart bleeds for all the murders of the children of God: all the innocents of abortion, the abused children, the murders at the hands of the Muslims, and at the hands of those doing war.

There are so MANY of these murders that Jesus, my Son, lets His Heart bleed to make you understand WHY He bleeds. To draw your ATTENTION.

Do what you can to stop these abortions, but PEACEFULLY, I beg of you! Use your ROSARY as your weapon.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!! Fast from what you really love and ask God to mediate for all these murders.

My dear children, It breaks my heart to see my Son Jesus' Heart burst with such sorrow to have His Heart bleed. Please mitigate. Pray!

Ask OTHERS to pray!!

I have asked for a Rosary to be said throughout the world (on Aug 13,1998) for my Son's requests for peace and a stop to abortions and murders around the world.

Go in Peace and Love.

I have blessed you all with My Mother's love for you all.

My Son, Jesus, has come with me today and has blessed you all, and thanks you for your prayers and songs (at Pat Mundorf's home).

To the one worrying over her child: This will be taken care of in my Father's Time. You must put him in GOD'S hands. TOTALLY. And then not worry.

I love you, Jesus."

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AUGUST 14TH 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother Of The World come to you with much compassion for you, for your sufferings of death that has come to your nations. This heartache I feel is for the murders from bombings, and war, and abortions. My Son, Jesus, asks of you to pray much to mitigate these war-related events. It is only my children, through your prayers, that any of these wars and terrorist attacks can be mitigated, even stopped. There are many countries in defiance of God's laws and man's laws, who only want fame and fortune for themselves. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children!!

I am asking you to fast one day a week on bread and water, those who have no medical problems, and to spend as much of the day in prayer for these countries in and near war to be able to have peaceful negotiations.

My children of the world, PLEASE pray for peace! So many innocent children of God's are being killed in these wars of power and control. Jesus' Heart is breaking, and has been pierced by the arrows of your sins,--the sins of lies, deception, hate and anger.

Oh, my children, how it hurts me to see my Son Jesus in such sorrow! God, your Father, has held His Hand back from you for a long time, and I keep BEGGING God to hold back His Hand from my children, to give the world more chances, and God gives you more chances. Even though He chastises you with floods, drought, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and heating up your earth, you STILL turn from God! You are trying to make YOURSELVES into gods by ëcreating' life in tubes and cloning animals and humans. God will NOT let this cloning of man happen. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, God loves you so much that He created the world for you and everything in the world. He gave you the stars, moon and sun, flowers, trees and water, and WHAT have you done with the earthly things given to you?

I thank you, my special children, for all of your prayers, devotions, fasting and sacrificing you have done. You are saving many souls. I am so happy for the closures of the abortion clinics you have done with your prayers. I am happy that some of your governments and officials are placing the Ten Commandments in their places. This is very good to remember, my children, as these are GOD'S laws given to you.

I bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love and Protection.

Go in Peace and Love."

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AUGUST 21th 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today, as I come as your Mother Of The World, I am in deep sorrow. I want you to know that my messages I give to my daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) are for ALL Nations, ALL People, of ALL Religions.

Not all the news of the events that are happening throughout your world are being told to you. Most of the terrible events taking place are NOT being told to my children. There are so many deaths happening due to power struggles, and your governments are NOT letting you know all that has happened.

UNITED STATES: Right now, I need to give you a WARNING. There WILL be retaliation for what you have done. Your country will suffer at the hands of foreign assassins. You have struck where there were weaponry and chemical bombs, but you did not destroy much. Please my children, pray, Pray, PRAY, as much will happen in your nation.

For those of my children who live daily with the fears of terrorist threats and ethnic and religious cleansing,--pray, Pray, PRAY!

Many will be suffering for their religious beliefs. Hold on to your FAITH, my children. Faith will see you through all matters. TRUST in God. Put your world in God's hands.

I tell you, the United States will not see winter come, that terrorists have not hit. They will not hit on just an unjust government, but on my children. These ÎIslamics' want to kill people of all other religions, not just Americans. This has been just a beginning. People are in your country and are ready to attack on a moment's notice. Anthrax and old disease, are about to be let loose amongst a very large city. This will kill many of my innocent children.

Oh, My Children, I beg you to PRAY MUCH to mitigate what is upon your soil!

I thank you all for the Rosaries said on the 13th of this month.-For this, will be given a Great Sign in your skies from God. This will happen on October 13th of this year. Many miracles will come on this day from God for those of Our Children who visit my Shrine here, and also many cures and graces.

Please continue daily with a Rosary for Peace. Many countries are on the brink of war.

Please, my children, continue to go to Confession and Communion. Remember My Son, Jesus, is in the tabernacle for you. He awaits you to visit with Him. He is so lonely waiting on you.

You know who you are, that deny that Jesus is in the tabernacle. He IS the True God, Who waits on your visit.

Thank you for all your prayers, my children. You have mitigated much in this world, but, much MORE needs mitigation!

I love you all. I bless you with My Motherly Mantle of Love, and I will always protect you with My Motherly Mantle. My Son, Jesus, allows for me to protect you, and He also protects you.


Fly to my Son's and my protection. My daughter's home ( Patricia Mundorf ) is a safe haven and will be protected should nuclear warfare hit your countries.

I tell you, go to my visionaries' homes. You will be protected. FALLOUT CAN NOT HARM YOU ON THEIR PROPERTY.

God Bless all of you, my special children.

Go in Peace and Love."

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AUGUST 28TH 1998

Mary said: "My Dear Children, I your Mother Of The World, come on bended knees, to beg of you to continue your prayers of mitigation from nuclear war. There has already been some mitigation, but BEWARE, much more mitigation is needed, not only against nuclear war, but against terrorist strikes. There will be many who will mimic these attacks, just to cause more turmoil in your world. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

My dear children, I told you of my visionaries' properties being a safety net for you against nuclear fallout. I tell you now, not just my visionaries' properties, but my prophets and locutionists,--all of these will be safety nets around and above you, as will my churches, even if a priest does not believe Jesus, my Son, is in the bread and wine, as you believe, causes Jesus to come down, so these churches will be a safety net for you. This is WORLDWIDE.

My children, I also want you to remember what I just spoke of about Jesus being present in the bread and wine. AS YOU BELIEVE, SO SHALL IT BE. THIS IS YOUR FAITH IN JESUS.

My children, if you fear the Consecration not being done properly, if you PRAY AND BELIEVE, THEN JESUS IS THERE. There is so much apostasy and unbelievers, even my priests in church, but my Faithful Remnant will always know my Son Jesus is present and loves them.

Today, my children, I want to ask you to pray for Russia. There are many events happening there. I beg of you to pray for Russia's CONVERSION. Yes, my children, in 1982 and 1984, your Pope John Paul II did a consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart. I asked that all bishops of all the world to also do this consecration to My Immaculate Heart. Not all bishops joined the Holy Father in this consecration, but please know they were NOT in disobedience to the Holy Father, as he did not require this of them, but asked that they join Him.

Those bishops who were faithful to Pope John Paul II did, indeed, consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. But, CONVERSION of the Russian people needs to be done. Pray much for this, my children. I asked of this in Fatima of my children, and again, I ask this of YOU. Russia MUST be converted for Peace in your world to happen.

My children, Jesus went out amongst the people to teach them of the ways to God the Father. He taught His Apostles, His Chosen, how to do this also. You, my dear children, have this knowledge in your churches. You must go out and do as Jesus asked, and as your Pope John Paul II has asked, and EVANGELIZE to the world.

Why do you not go and tell others what you know of your Loving, Merciful, Kind and Just God ? This is what I am asking of you. I have asked you before to ask someone to join you in church and prayer groups.

Please, my children, you need to STOP offending God. He has punished you with hunger, persecution, weather changes and wars throughout your world. The time is NOW to change your lives around. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

Go in Peace and Love. I bless you all with my Motherly Love."

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