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My Dear Children, I, Your Mother of the World come to give you thanks for all your prayers. So much evil has been mitigated,--abortions stopped, and destruction by nuclear attacks has been averted,--because of your prayers and Rosaries. God is very happy at what our faithful are accomplishing. You will be justly rewarded.

I have told you of the wars and terroristic threats against the United States. I did this to WARN you that this very possibly could happen. I did NOT want to frighten you, my children, but to warn you and ask for prayers for the mitigation of these occurrences. You have done well, my children.

I ask you to keep praying and to go to Confession and Communion. This way, you stay in a state of grace. Do NOT worry over your end of times as you know it. Do NOT wish for this to happen soon, as there are so many children's souls that need to be saved. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Do not look upon your neighbors with envy or hatred, my children; look at your neighbors with love. Teach them of your God, Who is so full of Mercy, Love and Kindness. You all must evangelize to your brothers and sisters to save lives. By doing this, you are helping God to reach His children.

God gives you free will, and He does this with all the children He created. Teach in love and joy my children, not in hatred or contempt. Please, my children, be kind and loving to all those you come upon and those who scorn you.

Today as I come to you, I worry, for so many of our children's souls are being condemned to Hell for their joining the New Age religions. You must help them to understand who the TRUE God is. There are also many who have gone against our Church.

I tell you, pray much, my children, for your Pope John Paul II. Help him in prayers to the Holy Spirit to keep the Anti-Pope from taking the seat of Peter. He (the Anti-Pope ) is in Rome, in the Vatican NOW. Your Pope John Paul II knows he is there, and is doing battle with this evil person in the Vatican.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Go in Peace and Love. I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love.

My children, you all are so precious to me and to Jesus."

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Note of interest:

Subject: Regarding Blood you sent to me.

Dear Pat,

Since the bishop in your area has not got back to you regarding the sample from your statue taken by the priest, I decided to take the small stain to our hospital lab. There was two stains on the cloth so I had them look at the smaller one and test it. It was examined under the microscope and our lab tech said it was blood. Secondly, a drop of Hydrogen peroxide was placed on it. This immediately began to fuzz, or boil, which also confirmed a normal reaction to contact with blood. The lab tech was sure it was blood.

I hope that I did not offend our Blessed Mother. I don't believe the bishop will make any statement on your behalf unless it is negative. I hope that I am wrong. No Apparition of our Lady in the United States has been recognized by any ONE of our Bishops in the United States. So, you can see our Mother gives us a miracle of crying tears of blood so we will BELIEVE, and like the resurrection of Lazarus, is NOT believed. Perhaps a sign of the times.

If you would like to call me my number during the day is 406-434-3207. I would considere it an honor to talk to you and be updated.

God Bless
Mark Cross

SAT SEP 12: Mary's statue bled before 11 am today, out of both eyes; out her left eye to her mantle, across the mantle, around the shoulder, and down her back. One drop in the front is frozen. She bled all the way down her front, from the right eye all the way to the base. 10 pictures were taken.

Starting Saturday, June 20, 1998, two statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the home of Roman Catholic visionary Patricia Mundorf, at 8608 West Heatherbrae Drive, in Phoenix, Arizona, began to bleed an unidentified red fluid from the eyes. The statues have bled over 15 times, to date.

Patricia asked the Blessed Mother what this phenomena signifies.

Mary said: "I have cried tears of blood, for all the sins against my Son, Jesus, for all the atrocities man has committed. You, my daughter, had asked for a miracle to occur to make people believe, and I have told you they must have faith. I have cried these tears of blood upon your statues of me as a sign for all the world to see how their sin hurts their Mother." (end of message)

There are 5 photos of the Bleeding tears of our Blessed Mother on the Mundorf web site.

Go to: Statue's Photographs

Mrs. Mundorf's statue of the Sacred Heart began bleeding from its heart on Friday, August 7, 1998 and bled again on Saturday, August 8.

Mrs. Mundorf has weekly apparitions at her home every Friday in the early afternoon, except the first week of the month, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to her on First Saturday, instead. First Saturdays in the Catholic Church are special days of devotion to the Mother of God.

The public faithful are invited to attend the apparitions at Mrs. Mundorf's home every First Saturday and also on every Friday in the remaining three weeks of the month.

One of the statues has bled repeatedly, 2 times in one day alone. There have been many healings taking place at the Mundorf apparition site and around the US from the miraculous rose petals. There have been healings after heartfelt prayer and touching a statue that is bleeding. One man recovered his hearing after touching the statue and is now rejoicing. Everone is still most welcome to come to see the statues and take pictures. We will be putting photos on the net, and all on this list will be notified when they are ready for Internet viewing on the Mundorf web site.

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Mary said: "My Dear Children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come as I did in Fatima, to ask you to continue in your prayers for peace. This is very important as there is so much fighting in your world between countries. You have mitigated much by your prayers that you have been doing. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Today, dear children, I am asking you to say a special prayer to convert Russia, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as given by Jesus to your Sister Faustina. May this be said around the world at the same time from every country. Do this when the time in Rome is 3:00 in the afternoon, October 13,1998. Change your time in your countries to the 3:00 Rome time (p.m.). I ask for this Divine Mercy Chaplet to come from all corners of the world to God, your Father in Heaven, at the same given time. Ask God at the start for this Divine Mercy Chaplet to go for the conversion of Russia. May you also, dear children, pray a Rosary every Sun day just for the conversion of Russia.

I, your Mother of the World, thank you for all your prayers. So many of you are doing such wonderful works of mercy for other people. Your fasting has helped to save many souls and has released many souls from Purgatory.

My dear children, my daughter (Patricia Mundorf ), has asked a question of me about praying for Satan and his evil ones, if the world could be completely changed if, by enough prayer, Satan could be changed. God the Father can do anything. I ask you all for this next week, in your prayers to God, to ask this of Him, if this COULD be done. Next week I will come with an answer for you.

My children, I come now to teach you about prayers and neglect. We love all of your prayers, but my children, many of you neglect your duties of father, mother, spouse, employee and employer. This you must not do. Many of our children pray while doing their work and errands, this is wonderful. You must not neglect your work or family life due to prayer. Take your families together and set a time for prayer for all of you.

Please keep your families together. Be the best mother or father you can be. Children, you must listen to and obey your parents. Pray with your parents and give them the honor due them. Do your chores and be thankful that you are allowed to be a part of your family. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my dear children!

Spend time with Jesus in the tabernacle, go to Confession and receive Communion. Pray much for abortions not to happen, and pray much for your elderly and sick who are close to death, Pray to stop assisted suicide. Pray also, my dear children, so that the cloning of humans does not happen. This is a travesty against God, as you are trying to become as God, in allowing this to occur.

Go in Peace and Love. I bless all articles and all my children.

Thank you, my children, for responding to my calls for prayers."

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Patricia is in the Hospital

She had to be taken to the Intensive care for fluid around her heart and her kidney stoped functionning and she is now on a respitory system

Please pray for Patricia as she prays for you so much and many cures have taken places because of her. Now it is time for you to pray. Thank you from Patricia

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SEPTEMBER 25th 1998


Patricia Mundorf is now conscious, off the respirator and dialysis machine, sitting up and actually *talking* in the ICU of Marysville Hospital in Phoenix. She could finally inhale enough to speak, and had the strength to dictate today's Friday message from our dearest Mother. This inexplicable recovery goes beyond science and logic, endorsing our TRUST in Jesus through Mary.

Patricia's kidneys, which had failed, mysteriously began to function again, and the fluid in her lungs and around her heart has greatly subsided. We firmly believe this to be a miraculous reversal by the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, in loving response to all the Masses, Chaplets, Rosaries and sacrifices that you Faithful Remnant Prayer Warriors so unselfishly offered for her.

Way to go, WARRIORS!!!

Joe Hunt, M.I
Who is like unto the Lord?!!


Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Marysville Hospital, Intensive Care Unit

September 25, 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today I come as your Mother Of The World, and thank you for all the prayers and sacrifices given around the world. You have saved MUCH tragedy from occurring.

Many causes of concern for war are still out there that need to paid attention to, but, my dear children, you have mitigated so very much through your prayers and sacrifices.

Do not worry yourselves over HOW things are to happen, but that they WILL happen.

I have taken my daughter," (Patricia Mundorf) "down some very hard paths, lately. This is something she will tell you about, as she learns more of where she has been and where things are to be.

My children, LISTEN to my visionaries and locutionists. They are all there to help guide you along on this journey that has become part of life events, now.


Receive your Sacraments; show love to ALL and you will be rewarded; obey God's Laws.

Go in Love and Peace.

I bless all of my children with my Motherly Mantle."

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