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Note of interest:

Patricia Mundorf is now home from the hospital and her eyesight is steadily improving along with all her original symptoms. One of her physicians was so amazed at the Ôimpossible,' miraculous cure she received, owing to all your prayers out there, he is now attending Mass for the first time in 20 years.(!!)

Mrs. Mundorf herself writes:

"I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, Masses, Communions, and sacrifices you offered for my recovery. You dont know how greatly they are appreciated. I had only a small statue of Mary with me, a Rosary and my St. Benedict's Ccross, but in my condition, I could not even see them.

I know it was all your prayers that saved me, as during the time I was unconscious, the Blessed Mother visited me and showed me what looked like beautiful bubbles, all rising upwards, while I heard the most wonderful music that I cannot describe in words, and she told that these were all the prayers being said for me rising to Heaven. I didn't want to leave that beautiful sight, since it was so calming and soothing, but God's Will be done.

God Bless everyone for such a wonderful devotion to Our Lady and Our Lord.

May you ALL be blessed by Mary's Immaculate Heart!

Pat Mundorf"

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers for Patricia's miraculous recovery. Each one of you that sacrificed prayers for her have now officially stopped looking for signs, and *become* a sign. And I honor you all for that.

Joe Hunt, M.I
Ad Jesum per Mariam


Phoenix, Arizona, USA
October 3, 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, Your Mother of the World, come to you with a sorrowful heart over all the atrocities happening in your world. I beg of you to pray for Kosovo, for peace to happen there. If the President of the US gives TWO warnings to them, and they (those doing the ethnic cleansing of the Albanians ) do not stop, I tell you this WILL lead into a major WAR, involving many larger countries. The US will issue two warnings before they strike on Kosovo. Pray, Pray, PRAY these people are allowed to come back to their homes before the winter comes, so they can rebuild.

I thank you so much for all your prayers and sacrifices that you have been doing. My children, you have saved so many souls and have mitigated much war, but there are many more to come, as the Evil One knows his time on Earth is at an end and he wants to spew his hatred and destruction all over the Earth. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, do you not realize how loving and merciful your God is, how He longs for you to come to Him in prayer? He waits for you to come to Him. Surrender your will to Jesus. When Jesus hung on the cross, He thought of you, gave you all His Love, compassion and me, His Mother, to save you from all your sins.

Give of yourself to Jesus in full TRUST. He knows your problems, your wants and needs, He gives you, before you ask, more than you need. Remember Jesus in thanksgiving. My children, for all of your daily needs and He will supplicate you more than you will ever know. Pray with your HEART, give your problems to Jesus, then TRUST that He will handle them for you.

Thank you for all the love you shower on your neighbors, all your kind deeds and smiles to those you have uplifted.

Go in Peace and Love. I bless you all with my motherly Mantle. I bless and kiss all children.

Thank you for answering my call to you, my sweet children. I have left many graces for you today."

Patricia: I think you all remember my question I asked of Mary about praying for Satan to return to God and that she would let me know the answer later. Here is a summation of her answer:

No, we are not ever to pray FOR Satan for any reason. We can pray that he and the evil ones loose their hold on the souls he has control over, or that God diminishes their evil influence over His children. God gave all His angels a free will. Lucifer and his followers knew in *advance* that the consequences of their turning away from God would be total damnation in Hell, and still chose rebellion, never, ever to be able to return to God. These evil angels made their choice, knowing full well in advance what was in store for them. So, their choice was made for all eternity and nothing can, nor will ever, change this.

Patricia Mundorf

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come to you as I did in Fatima, to warn you of wars that abound the United States. You are becoming involved in wars that will wreck havoc and cause much death in MANY countries to many innocent people. This is the greed and hatred of the leaders of Yugoslavia. Its leaders will lead its peoples to this destruction. This will bring NUCLEAR WAR to your country.

(Mary showed many tall, large buildings being crumbled to the ground in the U.S. I saw many bodies laying all over, like when the Murrah Federal Building was blown up, only 50 times worse,--many buildings at the same time. -P. Mundorf)

You must pray much, go to Confession and Communion, do acts of penance, fast and sacrifice, to STOP these wars from occurring, or at least to mitigate them. This can be mitigated with enough prayers.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My children, many of your brothers and sisters are falling away from their Faith due to a lack of FAITH and TRUST in God. Everyone waits for Ôsigns' and Ômiracles,' and if they do not come when they want them, then these children do not believe, and fall away. Please, my children, find those that have fallen away. Tell them of God's Love and Mercy for them.

If you want Ôsigns,' just look around you at all that God created for you. How can you NOT believe? Why must there be proof in front of you?

Look to your Gospels, participate in Mass. When my Son comes to you in the Holy Eucharist, is that not ENOUGH of a miracle for you?

Look at the birth of a child, a birth of an animal, the growth of your plants and trees.

Look to your skies, what lights up your days? Look to your evening skies, this has ALL been created by God, yet many more of you need Ôproof.'

Pray for the lost souls, that they may come back to Jesus. Oh, how my Son Jesus loves you all and wants to show you His infinite Love and Mercy!

My dear children, I thank you for all your prayers, sacrifices and all that you do for my Son, Jesus. You have saved many lives and mitigated much destruction already. But now I BEG of you, to pray, fast, sacrifice, and go to Communion and Confession for these wars all around the world.

I told you before of the Islamics who wish to destroy all other religions and peoples. You must pray much to mitigate this also. This leader has much money and is purchasing what he needs from countries that are in need of money. (I was shown a man who looked like Osama bin Laden. -P. Mundorf)

Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Go in Peace and Love, my dear children, and thank you for answering my requests.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World come to you with a special message.

I told you of a Great Sign in the skies from God, to occur on Oct. 13, 1998.

My dear children, many of you are saying there was NO SIGN in the sky, but this I tell you, your United States along with NATO were ready to fire upon the Serbians in Yugoslavia on Oct 13, 1998. I had warned you before, many times, of the dangers of what would occur if the leader of Yugoslavia did not agree to stop the ethnic cleansing and the United States fired upon them.

My dear children, your United States would have been fired upon in retaliation for their air strikes on that country. Russia was waiting for this to occur, as this would have been reason for them to attack the United States with nuclear weaponry. This would have all occurred on October 13, 1998.

Because of your prayers, sacrifices, fasting, Masses,--all that you gave up for the prayers I requested of you for Yugoslavia,--God mitigated the air strikes. That, my children, was your Great Sign in the skies,--THERE WAS NO AIR STRIKES ANYWHERE.

My dear children, please keep the request (in prayer) to mitigate these air strikes, pray that there be peaceful negotiations, and for the rebels, who go against the Yugoslavian government and their decisions. Pray for a total pullout of the Serbians, so the Albanians and others living there may return to their homes. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love, and I thank you for answering my call for prayers. I also want to thank you all for all the honor and love and prayers you gave to me on Oct. 13, 1998.

Go in Peace and Love."

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Mary said: "My Dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come to you with much sadness upon my heart, and the Heart of my Son, Jesus, is being pierced by your arrows.

I have told you all what was to occur in Yugoslavia on the 13th (of October, 1998). You were given the sign of no air strikes. This was mitigated with your prayers and sacrifices you had done at my request. I also told you that this is NOT over.

You have been such good Prayer Warriors, and We are very thankful for all you have done. Your prayers are in much need, as your United States is about to strike again. I told you there would be TWO warnings given after the first confrontation. This can bring Russian nuclear arms to your soil. There are many, many, other countries who are waiting to join with Russia in this fight. There are many countries with the power to hit the United States and other countries, of NATO, who would join with YOU. Please, pray MUCH that this does not occur. Many , many lives will be lost due to this action. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Today, my dear children, I want you to also know that if this war does begin --- you WILL then be very near to your Warning, WHICH MAY START THE END OF TIMES AS YOU KNOW THEM.

Many of you state that you are Ôready,' and yes, many of you are,--but what of your NEIGHBORS? Please, my children, I ask you to tell ALL my children of the Warning. Pray much, as many will chastise you for your beliefs. You will be ridiculed, humiliated and made fun of. Remember this,--my Son, Jesus, was made fun of, He was ridiculed, called, a Ômagician' and they mocked Him. Do you feel you would be better than Jesus ?

Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

Turn your lives and those of your families back to God NOW, before it is too LATE for you! My dear children, go to Confession and Communion often, try to keep your souls in a State of Grace. Try to be like my Son Jesus in your daily lives. Live as He did, and do not fear when the end of times comes to you.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love, and I kiss the children.

Go in Peace and Love and spread my words."

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My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, want to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices you have done at my request.

Your days are being numbered by your world leaders. They want power and want wars and conflicts to occur. This is from evil. Satan wants you to live in confusion. By confusing you, you then fight amongst yourselves. Your prayer life then suffers, as Satan wants you to think these things are from God.

My dear children, I need to ask you to continue your prayers and sacrifices for the people of Yugoslavia. This leader is trying to put the United States with NATO, against Russia, Japan and China. As I speak, countries are signing up to play a role on either side. Much prayer is needed! I told you that after the first confrontation there would be two warnings given by NATO. This HAS been done. Please, my children, this is how World War II began. I warned then of war, and today I warn you AGAIN:


Today, as I come to you, I want to remind you of God's Infinite Love for ALL of His children. God does not want ONE soul to go to Hell, and has given you every chance to change your lives. But WHY, my children, do you STILL turn from God ?

Do you NEED war to come on your soil before you decide to come back to God ?

He gave you LIFE, that you may live and love as He asked of you. You were given the Ten Commandments, to aid you to live your life as God has seen for you. You have the laws of your Church to obey. If you keep these, go to Confession and Communion, live and love your Sacraments knowing Jesus is there with you, then you can keep your souls in a state of grace for when your time is come.

My children, I ask you to pray MUCH for the conversion of Russia. I ask for a Rosary every day for this request. These people are very close to letting communism rule them as in the past. THIS MUST NOT OCCUR.

Go in Peace and Love.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I your Mother of the World, come to you to thank you all for the prayers and sacrifices you have given for the conversion of Russia. I need to ask you to continue in your prayers and sacrifices, and also for the mitigation of wars throughout the world. There are so many countries where war is so CLOSE to occurring. Everyone wants their own way, but that is at the hands of loss to other countries. This is all about power and money. PLEASE, my children, pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Today, I also want to teach you on God's Love for you. Before God created you, He created everything for His children first. He gave you the Earth, the heavens, plants, trees, water,--all your food, the animals and sea life,--everything to sustain you, and even your first Law of God. In that world created for you, there was sin, and so you lost the Garden created for you. Since then, God gave His only Son, Jesus, to you also, to save you from the eternal fires of damnation.

When Jesus was on your Earth, He taught you of the ways of God. He taught you that God's Love for you is INFINITE, all-forgiving, all Mercy. You have been told of the ways to Heaven and also to Hell. All you need to do is ask God's forgiveness for your sins, no matter what they are, and if this is truly from your heart, God will forgive you. This, My children, is why I tell you to go to Confession often and to receive the Holy Eucharist often. This is the teaching of Jesus at the Last Supper in the upper room.

Now, my children, I want to teach of loving your neighbors. By this, I do not mean those children living next to or close to you, but ALL children of God, from every nation. Love them as you love your closest friends.

My children, it is easy to love those you hold dear to your hearts. Now I tell you, you must love those whom have harmed you, your enemies, and those children whom you do not even know. You are to love ALL God's children. By doing this, you will learn to love as Jesus Loves,--UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,--this is what Jesus taught.

Many of you feel that some form of 'justice' is owed to those who have harmed you. This, I tell you, will be given by God, the Father of All. Many of you will withdraw your love for these children, but I ask you, does God withdraw from you when YOU sin ? NO, He waits to forgive you. Justice belongs to God, NOT to you!

Remember in scripture Jesus telling you to turn the other cheek ? He was asked, ÔHow many times?' Use this as a LESSON, my children. The way to Heaven is by being Christ-like. Think to yourselves, when in doubt over any situation as to what to do, ÔWHAT WOULD JESUS DO?' Then make your decisions. Do all things in love, from the simplest chore of dusting a table, to the hardest of things you face.

My children, you need to EARN your way to Heaven. Heaven awaits you, but you cannot do evil things, not ask for forgiveness, and then expect to enter Heaven. All will be judged accordingly.

My dearest children, I love you so VERY much, and all I want to do is lead you to My Son, Jesus, so you may enter Heaven, the Kingdom of God.

You look forward to Jesus', Second Coming. This, I tell you, will be SOON. The ways of mankind are very sinful. The children of the world want their earthly treasures and do not worry over their souls. Many do not care for their Father in Heaven. They live for what they can have on Earth.

Your world is so much WORSE than when God sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sins, to Save you. It is becoming harder to have God hold back His hand from striking you.

God STILL Loves all of His children. Even the worst sinner is very dear to God, your Father. This is the only reason God has not destroyed your evil world, YET. But, my children, the sinners keep growing, and those who truly love God are diminishing in numbers....

Please, my children, pray, Pray, PRAY!!!. Convert these sinners, the hard of heart, and those who do not know of God and His Love and forgiveness. I ask you to go out, spread the Word, written in the scriptures. Teach the Gospels, teach my children of the Love, Mercy and forgiveness of God, but do not forget to teach that He is a Just God. And teach of the eternal fires of Hell for those who refuse to love and honor God, your Father.

My children, many people do not know how to pray, or why YOU pray. Please, my children, find those who are lost and unknowing, and tell them BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Go in Peace and Love, teach of the scriptures, go to Confession and Communion often, honor your priests and the Church.

I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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