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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I , your Mother of the World, come to you with a heavy heart for all of My dear children of the world. Please, my children, I ask of you to turn your lives to God, give of yourselves to Him. He alone will help you in these times you are to enter into.

Your world has taken on the gods of money, power, and sex. Leaders of not only countries, but churches, have taken this idea also. They love the money and items it purchases for them. But, my children, this will not help them, nor you, to enter God's Kingdom. You must decide to choose NOW, whom you will love, your God of Mercy and Love, or your gods of power, money, and sex.


Pray much, my children, for the conversion of all countries. Your United States is in much need for conversion. Your leader sins, and our children CONDONE this sin! Pray much for your leader. Pray much for all leaders of all nations. My dear children, pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I told you of severe storms that would be coming, and in Fatima I told you of whole NATIONS being annihilated. I also told you of crop shortages, many months ago. Look around you NOW. Are you doing as I asked of you, are you helping your brothers in need???

Your Times of the end, as you know it, are coming upon you slowly, but yet you STILL do not believe this will happen. Why IS this? Do you feel you are ABOVE Gods reproach, the God Who created all things? Do you think you are Ôtoo good'? Look AROUND you! Look to your Bible,--READ it,--then look at how it is in your times now!

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my dear children. Put your love in God and your neighbor. TRUST in God, your Father.

My children, you have been told in your Bible about God's prophets, to look at the fruit the that comes from the tree. I also told you that God ALONE will judge the false prophets, and this He is doing. You will see many false prophets drop away from you as your time draws near.

There is now, and will be, false prophets,--many for money,--many for the fame. This, I tell you will come to pass, as the Father deals with those of His children. There will be many false prophets who will not heed Gods Will, and you must be careful of them, as they are of the Evil One. You must learn to discern, and Ô...keep that which is good...,' and throw out that which is bad. This I tell you: I will NEVER leave you, nor will My Son, Jesus, God, and all the saints and angels. Call upon us any time you need help.

It has been written that God will not allow things to occur that He will not tell His prophets, who in turn will tell you. REMEMBER this, my children.

Pray for My priests, as they all need your prayers. This is a very hard time for many because of the Apostasy in the Church.

Go to Confession and Communion and TRUST in God, your God of Love and Mercy. Praise be my Son, Jesus!!

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come in much sorrow over all the deaths that are about to occur. My dear children, the United States will not issue any more warnings to the leader of Iraq. This man is very evil, and if air strikes are to occur, many of the innocent children of God's will be killed. Yet, if this leader is permitted to continue building his arms of mass destruction, many, many innocent children of God's will die.

As in all wars and conflicts, the evil men who instigate these conflicts do not get harmed. It is the innocent who are killed. Pray, Pray, PRAY, My children, for the innocent children who are about to die. Pray for mitigation of this conflict, to come to a speedy end.

My children, yes, the statue of myself wept tears of blood, today, for all the innocents who have been taken already, and for those who are about to die.

My dear children, I ask you to keep your souls in a State of Grace at ALL TIMES, for not only are your times, foretold you in scripture, about to commence, but you never know when your own time on Earth is about to come to an end. This is why I tell you to go to Confession and Communion often.

My Son, Jesus, is so sorrowful over all the killing of babies, by abortion, Pray MUCH, my children, for an end to abortion. Use your Rosary as your defense.

Remember, my children, the un necessary killing of ANY of my children is a sin against God.

My dear children, as in all the years past, the things spoken of in scripture occurs, but this, I tell you: YOUR TIMES AS YOU KNOW THEM ARE ABOUT TO COME TO AN END.

I have come to many, and I BEG of you to convert yourselves over to God, to go out and convert your neighbors, but do you HEED my warnings and my pleadings.? My children, pray, Pray, PRAY !!! You have been forewarned, many times.

I told you many months ago, to watch the skies in your 11th month. I told you of events that will begin in your skies. This will be this next week, and this IS from God. Call it what you may, but , my children, God created the whole Earth, the heavens, and the sky. Take heed.

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, I, your Mother of the World, come to you with sad feelings, because so many of my children have turned against their God AGAIN.

You feel that your world is not in any trouble, so why should you pray? My children, pray for your souls and the souls of others. Your country of the United States is NOT sin-free. The horrible sins in your country, of abortion, sex, drugs and false gods of power, money and fame, have taken over most of my children. I beg of you to pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

All of my children, the world over, are in dire trouble over their souls. I only want to lead you to my Son, Jesus, so you will know His Love and Mercy, so that you may imitate what my Son, Jesus, has done, and try to live a life as He did.

My dear children, I love you so very much, and come to you to teach you of the ways to come to Jesus, to live a life of goodness and love so you may enter the Kingdom of God.

Remember your Sacraments. Go to Mass and pray for your priests and bishops, as they learn to understand some of the problems that have been placed on their shoulders. Pray much for your Pope John Paul II, as he has become very weak and many are waiting like VULTURES for his death, with gladness.

PLEASE, my children, pray for an end to abortion. This is a sin against God and can NOT be explained away. I also conceived a child, the Child Jesus. What would have happened to the world if JESUS had been aborted? He was a child from the MOMENT OF CONCEPTION.

Go in Peace and Love. I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come to you to ask of you to be joyful as you enter your season of Advent at this time of the year. How happy this makes Jesus and me, that you prepare and celebrate the birth of my Son, Jesus. He was born to save your souls, to live and then die on the cross for your sins, that they may be forgiven and your souls saved from Hell.

My children, all you need to know about how to live your lives according to God's Will has been written in your Scriptures. You need to read your Scriptures and live your lives accordingly: go to Confession often, receive Holy Communion often, obey the Commandments given to you, obey your Church laws, and the laws of your countries as long as they are according to God's Plan.

My dear children, the Evil One will try to rob you of your souls at every given chance, but because my Son Jesus died for you, you are now able to rid yourselves of evil and go to Heaven to be with God. God so Loves you that He not only gave His only Son to be born of a woman to live His life on Earth to teach you how you can live your lives as He did and enter the Gates of Heaven, but God allowed His Son, Jesus, to be humiliated, tortured and to die a horrible death on the cross, to save you from Hell. THANK GOD OFTEN FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR YOU. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

Now, my children, as I have spoken, all you need is in your Bible on how to live your lives for God, but also on what you need to look for ( signs ) for the Coming of Jesus again, for the end of your evil times. Your world is so corrupt, so evil, evil is even in your Mother Church. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!! Pray MUCH for your priests, bishops and all who give themselves to a religious life. The Evil One attacks these holy people as they try to do their work for God.

Pray for your Pope, John Paul II, as he is in very trying times to have the Church in order for the coming millennium. I have told you of the evil in the Vatican. At the seat of Peter they make plans to have your Pope John Paul II done away with. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

My dear children, I thank you for all the prayers, sacrifices and good works you are doing. My Son Jesus is happy that you have saved many souls and have caused many conversions to occur.

Pray for your world leaders. There is much chance of the United States becoming involved in a very bad conflict. Many countries are waiting for an air strike to occur. If this occurs, your country will be in serious conflict of interests with many large countries who only want to become rulers of bigger kingdoms. My children, this saddens all of Heaven very much, as any killing is a sin against God, and Jesus cries for His people, His brothers and sisters, who may be murdered, innocently, due to these conflicts. Pray, I BEG of you, to convert the hearts of these hard-hearted leaders. Pray that there is not any conflict, and that this will be settled without air strikes.

I thank you all for answering my petitions I ask of you. I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love.

Go in Peace and Love."

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