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Mary said: My dear children, today, as I come as Mother of the World, I want to ask you to remember to pray the Rosary for all the women who are considering an abortion. Pray also for all the babies that are aborted. Pray much, I beg you, for an END to abortion. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

I want you to know how happy I am to see you all getting ready for the celebration of My Son Jesus' birth. It is so wonderful to see the many ways in which you all make ready.

My dear children, I come, as I did in Fatima, to ask for prayers to mitigate the many wars that plague your world. There are so many awful wars and crimes going on! Please pray for these to stop, and for the leaders of many countries who are trying to instigate a war against the United States. This country has not seen a World War on its soil, but this, I tell you, may occur VERY SOON. I beg of you to pray for an intercession from God, for mitigation.

My dear children, I ask you to pray for the crimes being committed against my priests and religious. Many are being tortured or murdered for their beliefs in God. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

I ask you to pray for all the climatic changes taking place all over the world, in many nations. I thank you for your prayers and sacrifices, you have mitigated much, but, my dear children, much MORE is needed.

Russia will have a very harsh winter, Already there's not enough fuel, nor food, for the people. Many will die. Please pray for this nation.

You will see there will be freezing temperatures throughout the world. There will be volcanoes erupting and earthquakes occurring, as I told you months ago. This is a chastisement for all the sins man has committed against God. Please my children, PRAY for all those who will die.

Continue to go to Confession, receive Communion and attend Mass as often as possible. Try to stay in a state of Grace as much as possible, and you will see Heaven when you die.

I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love. I kiss all the children.

Go in Peace and Love."

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I have been asked many times the question, "Why do just you and a select few other visionaries get to see the Blessed Mother, Jesus and the saints? And why cant *we* see anything when we are present during apparitions?"

I asked our Blessed Mother this question. She answered:

"God alone decides where and whom anyone will visit. God also decides how long and for what purpose. If God would let everyone see Jesus, the saints, and me, then we would become too commonplace, and our messages would mean much less,--just as you have the writings in your Bible, but do you read and heed THEM?"

Weekly Message
December 11, 1998

Mary said: "My dear children, praise be to Jesus. Today as I, your Mother of the World come to you, I am deeply saddened at all that is occurring in your world.

As you watch, sitting idly by, babies are being murdered by evil people, ripped out of their mothers' wombs. You also have such violence and sex in your schools, theaters, places where you worship, and on your televisions. My dear faithful children, you MUST waken up your hearts, minds and souls to all this EVIL that is occurring. There are people who are trying to clone humans, and trying to make babies so they may harvest their body parts for others. This, I tell you is NOT of God!!

I continually beg God to allow me more time to warn His children . I MUST beg YOU to stop these horrible sins. You are trying to become gods of your own with all the material possessions you can gather, then your gods of money and sex; now you sit while these evil persons want to harvest body parts, and clone humans. You must put yourselves into action, NOW, before it is TOO LATE for all the world. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

As you begin to celebrate and make your preparations for My Son, Jesus' birthday, your Father in Heaven makes His plans for the chastisement of your world. My dear children , you must NOT sit idly anymore. You must speak up, I beg of you, you need to evangelize to your family, neighbors, friends and co workers. Speak out, tell ALL about the scriptures that have been written by Heaven's prophets. Tell ALL about God and how He Loves you all so much. I have told you He created the world for you, His children. He has given you scribes, prophets, laws, and even His only Son, Jesus, Who died that you may be given forgiveness for your sins, that you may enter the gates of Heaven. I ask you to also tell of God's Mercy and how it and His Love endures FOREVER. Pray, Pray, PRAY!!

My dear children, I tell you, your times of sin, the hatred, self-love, and love of your other gods is about to come to an END. For centuries man has sinned, and, as has been revealed to you in scripture, has been foretold of the end of these evil times. I do NOT want you to become unhappy nor afraid, as an end to evil will be wonderful for many. But this I tell you: Speak out to others about the prophets of the Bible, about God's visionaries and locutionists, for you WILL answer to God, as to why you did not try to save souls as He has asked of you through Jesus, many saints, and myself, your Mother of the World who loves you all.

Even the worst sinner is loved by God. BUT, my children, like any parent, you love your children, but you hate their evil deeds and sins, and you must punish them. The time for your punishment of the world is very close, NOW.

PLEASE, my dear children, pray, Pray, PRAY!! Make your souls ready for the coming of Jesus again to walk among you.

Go in Peace and Love.

I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of love, and kiss the children."

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Mary appeared unexpectedly and showed Mrs. Mundorf a vision:

I see it is Springtime, because I see cherry blossoms near the water in Washington, D.C. Suddenly, I can see New York City and a monstrous ocean wave rushing up against it. I see a sign saying "42nd St." and the wave passes through a tall building and gushes out the other side, jetting water and shattered glass out the leeward windows.

Next, I am shown the Statue of Liberty, which has been bent at an angle due to the massive impact of the wave, and only her head and raised arm are showing above the water, and the torch is missing from her raised arm. All of New York City and Long Island is under water, as well as New Jersey, except for occasional islands of higher land.

I am given the understanding that around this time there are major cataclysms elsewhere. Volcanic eruptions in the North Western USA, which start a chain of earthquakes, reaching all the way down to California. I am shown the Golden Gate Bridge which is crushed by the tsunami, except for the northern (Marin County) end. Most all of California is in ruins.

East of the State of Texas, there is massive destruction that progresses all the way north to Canada, which appears to be like a long river or inland ocean. The Dakotas are mostly covered with water, as is much of the USA. Instead of the continent of the USA one usually sees, I see only scattered islands where the USA had once been.

I have been shown a large object hitting the Earth, which originated from space, and am given that this is the cause of the waves destroying the Eastern USA seaboard and heavily damaging the Statue of Liberty.

I was finally shown the White House in Washington, D.C., and it was collapsing under the impact of bombs in a war.

-Patricia Mundorf "

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Mary said: "The United States will strike Iraq. My children, I have warned you of this conflict. The red countries will not back you on this, and you now will face the greatest possibility of nuclear and bacterial war on your Land.

Turn your lives back to God, NOW, before it is TOO LATE, and pray, Pray, PRAY!!"

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Mary said: "My dear children, I, your Mother of the World, come today with a sorrowful heart over all the chaos the United States has caused throughout the world. I had told you this was to come. NOW, My children, I beg of you to pray to mitigate what may befall the United States and many other countries. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Praise be to Jesus, my Son, Who Loves you and who gives you thanks for all you have given in prayer, sacrifice and alms for the people whom you do not even know. You, my faithful children, have saved many souls throughout the world. This puts JOY in Our Hearts.

You need to pray much now, for all the countries that are determining what to do about the ongoing air strikes against Iraq. This leader in Iraq is filming untruths (and sending them) to other countries, claiming atrocities from the United States. He wills to make this a worldwide war involving many other countries. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

As you start your celebrations of my Son, Jesus' birth, remember PEACE. That is what is so important in all countries, to people of all religions. Pray, Pray, PRAY, my dear children.

I ask of you to place all your trust and love in God. He gave you His Son Jesus at this time of year, to save the world, to bring Peace on Earth. Let there be Peace on Earth, Let the United States STOP this unholy war. Pray for Peace, I beg of you.

Go in Peace and Love. Remember your Sacraments. Pray and have a happy heart. Trust in God.

I Bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love. Love, my children, is what you must have, then Peace will follow."

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come to you with words of comfort for you and your families.

Give glory to God, as ALL things come from God.

My daughter ( Patricia Mundorf ) had asked for a SPECIAL GRACE to be granted to My children of the world, this that your family and friends, those whom have died and you pray for, be RELEASED FROM PURGATORY ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I have asked this of God, your Father in Heaven.

This SPECIAL GRACE from God, WILL BE ALLOWED. But, My children, on Christmas Eve. You must ask God for this special grace ON CHRISTMAS EVE, in prayer for their souls. Then THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON CHRISTMAS MORNING.


Spend some time with Baby Jesus, and thank God for giving you Jesus as your Savior.

Remember, My Children, to keep God FIRST in your lives. Love and honor God. By doing this FIRST, you can lead a life as God wants you to lead.

Live your lives each day in Love and Hope for the Second Coming of My Son, Jesus.

Be of a happy heart. Pray for all the world events that will occur, but, My dear children, Do NOT fear! Pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

Today, I also ask you, ÎWhat have you done for My Son, Jesus, for His Birthday?'

There are so many in the world that need your prayers, fasting, sacrifices, and yes, my dear faithful, your alms. I hope at this time of year, as you think of presents for your loved ones, you think of your presents for JESUS.

Help those who are less fortunate than yourselves: many of you have money saved for future use, why do you not give some of this to the Church, religious orders, and retired religious who served God for years, yet go unrecognized? All the servants of God need your help.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon against evil you have. Please, My children, USE this weapon, this is a wonderful power given to you by God.

Go in Peace and Love. I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love."

(end of message)

Special Note:

Consider that once God has liberated all our dear ones from Purgatory, we can double our efforts in prayer for the living: family, friends, world neighbors and world leaders, that they convert their hearts back to God. This is the greatest charity one can give, prayer for the conversion of souls throughout the world, that they believe, convert, repent and adore.

God, through his Perfect Handmaiden, Mary, has given you the greatest of gifts one could ever receive this Christmas, in freeing your dear ones from their suffering in Purgatory, if you would but ASK. Can you afterwards give Him, in return, your daily prayers for the living?

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Mary said: "My dear children, today, I, your Mother of the World, come to give you a message of Peace on Earth. This is the most precious gift you can give to Jesus. He was born in a stable, no riches for Him, born to Joseph and I, mere peasants, yet He was born a King, a Savior of the world, to bring Peace to the world and to save you.

Now, my dear children, I beg of you,--pray, Pray, PRAY,--for peace in the world.

Give love to ALL. As I have told you, by love you bring peace. Forgiveness is a very important part of loving, for you must love in order to forgive. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him; you, my children, should forgive all who need forgiveness. Do this, and you can start to bring peace to the world.

Go in Peace and Love. I bless you all with my Motherly Mantle of Love."

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