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My Children, Jesus promised you eternal life with Him. All you need is love and faith in your hearts. Where there is love, there cannot be hate. Your answers are in love, kindness, hope, charity, and peace. But you must pray to keep love and faith in your hearts.

As God sent His Son to save mankind, my Son Jesus permits me to come to you to try to save you, my children. Such great joy awaits you in Heaven, for giving of your hearts to our Two Hearts and having faith and love above all!!

Guard your souls my children! Pray, pray, PRAY! Your spiritual life and saving souls is what is most important in your lives now, not material things and fame. Your riches will not let you into Heaven, but your virtues DO.

Your time is SHORT! Preach my Son's words for all to hear and understand. Let not your will be, but GOD'S Will,--in all matters.

Many will have to suffer, as you do not live in a perfect world.

Pray for peace, and for your officials as they strive for peace. Satan wishes to destroy your souls, and also your world. He does this by conflict.

Pray for your Holies, your Pope, and his priests. Many are not of the fruitfulness of God. You must pray they return to their faith.

My Children, Satan wants your souls and he will do many things to attain his goal.

My Children, why do you think I come to you ? Not only to teach you love, but to warn you of my Son, Jesus,' Second Coming, WHICH IS AT HAND.

You need to be WARRIORS of your faith. Pray and protect yourselves from evil, as it comes in many forms.

My Son, Jesus, comes to many. We have come to save you, my children, in all your countries, in many ways and forms. You need to look and understand. You are given many chances, my children. You need to teach the love of Jesus to ALL that you meet. You need to read the books written by the Chosen of Jesus, and to LIVE by them."

(Pat asked a question about the 'mark' to buy and sell. Immediately, Pat was shown a vision of people running from others who were carrying books with numbers in them. She also saw long lines of people waiting to receive numbers from men who were in beige/brown/green print uniforms, similar to those worn in the 'Desert Storm' conflict, who were holding books and giving the people in line numbers from them, transcribed onto slips of paper. After each person received a slip of paper with their number on it, they proceeded into a building of unknown function. It was dark outside and it was storming, with thunder pealing and lightning flashing. Elsewhere, people were in hiding, some of whom were bleeding, while some were dying.)

Mary answered, "My daughter, you ask of the Mark of the Beast. This WILL come. It is foretold. You must safe-keep yourselves, as this is NOT of God."

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Mary said, "I come today in love, peace and joy. My Children, you must prepare yourselves for the times ahead. There is a battle about to begin and you need to pray much. Please, my sons and daughters, PRAY FOR PEACE! Pray for your holy fathers as they are being tempted by the Evil One, and they do not know it!

Your country must not put their bombs on the heads [palaces] of the country in conflict [Iraq]; there is much danger there. This could lead to your war of the third millennium. This war can be mitigated by much prayer, penance and sufferings on your part.

The world will be in conflict. Total confusion will happen to the heads of all nations, even in your own country. There are many from other nations making ready to strike you, as you wait.

We thank you, my children, for all your prayers and sufferings, but you STILL refuse to give of yourselves to God in whole,--body, mind, and soul.

It makes much delight to see you make ready for the celebration of the birth of your Savior, my Son. You must be careful not to place too much emphasis on material things at this time.

Jesus, your Savior, was sent to save the world when God was ready to destroy it. Again, as my Son, Jesus, hung on the Cross, he asked His Father to forgive you. Do you not think that He COULD have destroyed your world at that time for what you were doing ? So it is NOW that We come to you, my children, throughout the world, to SAVE you.

Pray, pray, PRAY! Confess your sins! Do penance! Fast and sacrifice! NOW!!

In Heaven you will find your peace."

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Mary said, "My Children, I come as Mother of All The World.

My Children, I come today in much joyfulness and love. I have seen how you all celebrated my Son's birth. Thank you, my dear ones....there is so much love there from my Son, Jesus. There also is much sadness over the sin in your world. So much hatred among my children! Many have given their souls to God, but many do not believe, STILL!

Children, I ask for you to pray MUCH, pray my Rosary for a return to the Church for my children who have gone astray. Pray for peace for all nations.

My children, you worry over yourselves and the End Times? Do you REALLY think Jesus would hurt his loved ones?!

As the End comes, know that Jesus and I will protect our loving, faithful children. It pierces my Son's Heart to know there are so many who will die as a result of their non-belief in His words. I ask you, my children, to pray much for those who will not believe in Jesus and his Second Coming.

Do NOT fear for yourselves as the time draws near, rejoice and have a happy heart. You, my children of faith and love, will be saved by Jesus. You are his brother and sisters.

These End Times must happen and many more will be SAVED by the Chastisement.

I will crush the head of the serpent beneath my heel, and Jesus will come in Love.

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