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Mary said, "My child, I come to you in love and peace. My Son, Jesus, has so much love and compassion for all the world, but it wounds His Heart to see so much sin.

I come today to ask ALL my children to pray for the crisis in your Holy Faith. We see empty churches, confessionals, seminaries, convents, and conflict within your churches,--there is so much confusion and sin!

Sins MUST be forgiven and penance done. I ask that you refrain from meat once a week, to do God's Will.

When Jesus spoke to the Twelve, He told them that whomever they loosed from their sins, will be loosed in Heaven, and whomever they bound, would be bound in Heaven. That, my children, has been passed on to all of your holy priests, from all of Peter's, following throughout the ages of man.

I ask you for peace and for you to love and forgive your neighbor, and to pray for those who take the lives of the unborn children who are murdered daily. Pray also, my children, for those souls who have taken their own lives, and for those who have aided them.

You must amend your lives and seek pardon and atonement for all your sins. In this way you may strive for the graces from Heaven, from Jesus' Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart.

My daughter, I have asked for white roses to be planted by the shrine you have made in your devotion to me. My son, Jesus, will allow many graces and miracles to come from these roses for those who consecrate themselves to Jesus' Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart.

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Pray , Pray, PRAY, my children!

I will come again in one week from now (Nov. 14) and then I will come the First Saturday of every month."

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Mary said, "My dearest children, Jesus and I want to thank you for your prayers and devotion to Us. My children, worldly, material things do not get you into Heaven. The graces from Heaven are what you should be seeking. Ask NOT for material riches....

Pray, Pray, PRAY, for your pope and all his holies, for in your world next year will be many trials on them, as they seek to save many souls. Your Pope John Paul, who is dear to Our Hearts, will need MANY prayers.

Children, do not worry over when God decides to end the world as you know it. Live your life in the fullness of God's Will, and you will know when the time comes that you will see God.

I will come again on these days, to you, on Fridays; I will give my messages to the WORLD at your Holy Church ( St. Augustine's ) where you worship Jesus, on the first Saturday of each month, after your service and prayers.

Please say the Rosary after your service and I will come to you then with my message. Bless you My Children.

[ Pat Mundorf then asked, "Will there be peace in the world?" ]

Mary answered: "There will be peace in your world when ALL learn to love all that my Son loves and was created by God."

[ Pat then asked about the instructions to plant roses in the yard by her shrine to Mary. ]

Mary replied, "The white roses and the statue will bring many graces and miracles from my Son, Jesus. He is allowing this to take place.

Pray, Pray, PRAY, my children, for all who sin. You must sin NO MORE, you must purge yourselves of sin. I ask for your hearts to be consecrated to Jesus' Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart. THIS WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF PEACE IN YOUR WORLD."

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Mary said, "Children, today as I come to you I ask for prayer for the conversion of sinners. My Son's Heart is pierced by your sins, as is my heart. You turn and scoff at your teachings, which makes many souls turn against God.

My Plea is for you to LOVE God. Pray to Him in thanks for all your healings from pain and sin.

You abuse the Laws of God. He IS a merciful God, a loving God,--yet He is an angry God over all your abuses, my children.

When you confess your sins, it must be from your heart. You cannot lie to God.

Your End Times are drawing near, my children. When you are shown your sins, you will know that the TIME has come. Be prepared my children, for the time is near.

Your world is in grave danger my children, I come as a mother, to prepare you for the future. Jesus and I Thank you for trusting in my words, for your prayers and for your love.

I ask again my children for you to consecrate your hearts to our Hearts, so that many souls will be saved.

Pray for your pope, John Paul, as he needs many prayers; remember your priests, they need your prayers, trust and love.

The (next) first Saturday (Dec 6,) I will come to you at your church and will give further instructions, my child. I ask that you give these messages to all the world . They are urgent!"

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Mary said, "My dear children, pray, Pray, PRAY! I come at this time to ask for prayers for your country. There is too much pride, and that pride gets in the way of praying and of your faith. Many are afraid of mockery if they are seen praying my Rosary.

My children, be NOT afraid of God, as he is a merciful God, a loving, kind God. -All He asks for is your heart.

Many people are leaving their churches because of the turmoil in them. Pray that the problems in the churches are solved and the children return to their faith. -My children, do you know the true meaning of Faith ? It is Hope, Love and TRUST in God!

You must consecrate your hearts to Our Hearts, Jesus' Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart.

PRAY, my children, for the return of TRUE faith in yourselves and in your churches.

There is talk about the End Times. YES, they ARE coming. We know not when, but you must be prepared ALL the days. Give of yourselves fully to Jesus, and make known to all about your holy Sacraments and Tradition that have been put aside.

I ask of you, my children, to turn your lives around,--pray, confess your sins, and do penance. When you do penance it is not a thing that you should tell your friends and neighbors; do penance from your HEART, and thank God always and in everything.

Jesus and I thank you for your prayers and sacrifices that are being made. Many converts and lost children are returning to love my Son and His Church.

I will take all prayers asked to my Son, Jesus, my daughter, from your journal.

Yes, my children, I will bless any articles that you bring. But I ask you to also have them blessed by your priests.

Thank you my children."

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