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OCTOBER 7th 1997
"My daughter, I have asked for white roses to be planted by the shrine you have made in your devotion to me. My son, Jesus, will allow many graces and miracles to come from these roses for those who consecrate themselves to Jesus' Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart."

These bushes are now blooming all year long in Pat's backyard....

For the sick and/or desperate who have already consecrated themselves, or are willing to consecrate themselves, to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, miraculous rose petals are available for their spiritual and/or physical cure.

Please do NOT send for these unless you are sure the intended recipient *truly* needs them and is (or will be) consecrated to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. If you are sure, please send a SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) to:

Pat Mundorf
P.O,Box 48274
Phoenix Az.

You may also include your prayer intentions and a brief explanation and Pat can put your or your dear one's name in the Prayer Journal presented to Our Mother.

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OCTOBER 10th 1997

Mary appeared with two adult angels, Qadhos and Ir. She had personal messages for me concerning my spiritual advisor. She told me she would leave me angels to help me fight my battles, which have already begun. Mary asked to be called "Mary of the Immaculate Heart," and showed me where to place my statue of her and instructed me to plant white roses by the statue, saying that the roses will prove to be miraculous. She then gave the following message:

Mary said, "My child, I have come to plead for the sanctification of the world. Those who invoke my name with devout affection will receive MANY graces from Heaven. You must know your sins and confess them with compassion (for hurting Jesus,) do penance, and atone for your sins by fasting. The world is so FULL of sins against the Laws of God. This is what saddens my Son.

Jesus asks for a return to His Sacred Heart; to love one another as you would love Him; to forgive your neighbor as you would want to be forgiven.

PRAY for the mothers who have aborted their children. Love them even as Jesus loves them, --even though they sadden His Heart. Pray for an end to abortion; the only defense you have is the Rosary. Pray for the world to return to my Son, Jesus."

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OCTOBER 24th 1997

Mary said, "My dear daughter, I have come to you today to ask you to give this message to the world: Pray, Pray, PRAY, my dear children!

When my Son, Jesus was in your world, he picked the 12 to carry on his teachings. Since then, there have been many who have been called to teach,--these are your holies. Pray for your holy ones, that their hearts maybe reignited to their Faith.

Too many holies are being persecuted for their teachings; many holies are parting with their faith in God. You must PRAY for these holies.... Why do you doubt the truths that are taught to you, my children? Where's your faith, your belief in God? Pray, Pray, PRAY!

Go out and teach what has been taught to you: forgiveness, reparation for your sins, and contrition. KNOW your failings, my children, there are many who doubt their faith. They MUST be consoled!

PRAY, my children, for God has a place for you."

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OCTOBER 31st 1997

Mary said, "My dear children, Jesus promised to be with all of you and gave you the Holy Spirit as a gift, praise God . Ask for His forgiveness. Pray for the wisdom to do God's Will.

My children, Satan is lurking to lure you into believing other than that Jesus has taught you. You must prepare for battles with Satan by fasting and prayer. Keep holy water with you. Sprinkle it around your doors and windows. Use this holy water to chase him away.

PRAY my children, I beg of you, for conversions. Repent of your sins. Make holy your surroundings and you will be less tempted when Satan comes around. He wishes to cause you confusion.

Many graces will be given to those who pray my Rosary. Many souls shall be saved.

Pray, Pray, PRAY!"

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