Those interested in subscribing to the messages received by Patricia Mundorf, send an e-mail to:

In the Subject' header, type: SUBSCRIBE SEERS

Place nothing in the text body (no message.)

If you do not place SUBSCRIBE SEERS in the Subject: header, you will not get the messages.

Those wishing to *not* receive these messages at any time may reply with UNSUBSCRIBE SEERS in the "Subject" field. They are never sent to anyone who had not requested them, so LOOK AT THE HEADER *first* to see if *another* e-mail address is there, meaning SOMEONE ELSE forwarded this message to you. 

Note: If you are on a large net, like an *.edu, you cannot cancel for that whole net since it was your Sysop who chose to pass them on to you and all others in your sub-net. In that case, tell your Sysop to take your e-mail slot off his list for these messages, or you can even go to your mail reader and place in the "Ignore" column.

As for a Spanish web-edition, please note:
There is no website in Spanish at the moment, but many of the messages, not all, however, have been translated into Spanish since May 2000. Please find the Spanish translations under the English messages.

As for a German web-edition, please note:
A German website has been created, but has not been opdated since December 1999, as unfortunately the German translator was unable to continue his work.

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